Wireless networks

Mobility in the classroom

A robust, reliable and secure network is the main component that everything else within your organisation relies upon to run smoothly. An essential element in the foundation of your communications network should be a fully managed wireless solution.

Increased demands for flexibility are being made by education providers. A wireless network brings many advantages in answer to these valid demands providing:

  • Fast log on’s for students which reduce wasted time waiting and increase teaching time.
  • A gateway to the vast array of multimedia and lesson resources available online quickly, easily and exactly when you need it.
  • The flexibility to easily share work and resources instantly with colleagues enabling more efficient collaboration
  • The ability to stay connected to the network via mobile devices, increasing the overall productivity and effectiveness of staff and students within your organisation.
  • The freedom to allow different types of network access for staff, students, parents and guests.
  • A capacity to harness the power of all those non school supplied mobile devices, incorporating them onto your network safely and securely.
  • The facility to utilise previously underused areas of your premises, turning these spaces into usable networked areas


Talk to our specialists

Our understanding of the education sector means we will design and provide a solution that meets your specific criteria exactly.  Once Cablers engage with an organisation we arrange a site visit from one of our certified WLAN specialists. They will discuss your organisations plans for and your expectations of a managed wireless network before conducting a comprehensive site survey which includes checks for interference, coverage, building fabric and cabling routes. These are only a few of the factors that need to be taken into account when designing a wireless network. For a more comprehensive explanation as to why a wireless survey is essential it is recommended that you read the wireless blogs available on our website.

We work closely with our customers through every stage of the sales and installation process. You are informed and supported from the initial enquiry to consultation, site survey through to our presentation of a proposal. If we are successful after the proposal stage of your project our dedication and support continues through the installation phase with testing, commissioning and finally customer handover. Cablers provide an ongoing support contract to ensure the new WLAN is always fully supported and up to date, often negating issues before they can impact on teaching and learning outcomes.

Alongside our standard wireless configurations Cablers are also able implement the advanced wireless configurations required for BYOD deployments. A well planned and delivered managed wireless network will allow you to utilise new technologies as they come on stream and get integrated into teaching.  A managed wireless network will also give you the flexibility to use your building more efficiently and empower your staff to teach in new ways without any of the frustrations that technology can bring when not introduced carefully and correctly.

Talk to our certified wireless specialists about:

  • Fully managed wireless solutions
  • Building links
  • Site Links
  • Wireless Network expansion or additions
  • Ad-hoc or standalone wireless access points
  • Ongoing support contracts


For more information call 01787 221166 or email enquiries@cablers.co.uk


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