Teaching From Home

Teaching from home is most certainly challenging  and can seem very alien to Teachers who are used to delivering lessons within a classroom environment, I have put together a few tips that might help Teachers from communicating with students to handing out and receiving homework.


From apps like ClassDojo, to traditional methods like whats app or simply telephone calls are some of the ways schools are communicating with their students. If the students have been setup with school email addresses (ensuring they have no external access) then apps like Microsoft Teams or Google hangouts are a great way to create a group chat and collaboration area. With Microsoft teams files can be shared within the chat area for everyone to access a shared resource, this can be placed on Sharepoint.

Zoom is currently the number 1 downloaded app and is a great way to connect to lots of people using video, it is quick and easy to jump on and this is why it has become so successful . There are many security concerns with Zoom however, and you should take precaution like creating a passcode to access the meeting and not share url’s or links within the chat. I made a quick desktop video on how to set up and start a zoom meeting.

More than just a phone system

Telephone provider 3cx are currently offering a 100 user license free for 12 months. this is a great way to connect to all your students with video calls in a safe and secure environment. To do this you will need a 3cx phone system and now might just be the time to seriously look at that for your school.  A 3cx phone system will allow you to answer calls anywhere in the world and all you need is an app on your phone. The main school number can be connected to any extension on a mobile laptop or take home phone and call can be transferred to any other staff member extension where ever they are. If this is of interest talk to your account manager about pricing.

Classwork handouts

The two platforms for really delivering classwork and receiving finished work has to be Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook and Google classroom. Teachers can create a class and add their students a assignments can be handed out for them to complete and return, these can be marked and students can receive feedback and marks all within the same platform. If you would like help setting up either of these please let us know.

Here are a few videos of how to use each platform

Google Classroom by Teachers Tech

Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook

Click here to go to Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook website where there are more tutorials to help get you started.

Things can really move on from here to, as there are great ways to integrate Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook with Microsoft Teams.

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