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Technology is only as good as the user

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Everyone knows a workman who blames his tools for a poor job is not a good workman.

(Unless its me and then its always the fault of the tools!)

The same logic can be applied to most of the education technology products we provide to schools. They are the tools that teachers use on a daily basis to deliver the best possible learning outcomes.

Sometimes when we start working with a school the existing technology is at fault but it does not stay that way for long. Once you audit a schools technology you can then quickly and easily prioritise the improvements to the network and equipment. Completely preparing you to stage and phase in the improvements over time. Everything hinges on budgets, so working to a plan will save a school considerable amounts of time and money over the course of a few years. A good plan instills confidence and allows a school the time to develop a diverse blend of IT tools and equipment that will work seamlessly together. They also help you avoid costly mistakes and poor purchasing decisions. We then work closely with head teacher’s and senior leadership team’s to instigate their plans and assist in delivering the schools IT vision.

Everthing’s in place

So lets assume that all the components are in place and you are living the dream because your schools IT vision has been realised. (Or at least some of it.) You have a great network which is fast and reliable, you have the software, computers, laptops and tablets available for staff and students, maybe you even allow users to bring their own devices (BYOD) to use on the school network. In pride of place on your class room wall will be an interactive white board or a large format LED touch screen, you might also have some interactive tables and of course i shouldn’t leave out visulisers and voting systems.

You have all the multimedia tools its possible to have at your disposal and some clever software to back it up which will help you share material and collaborate with your class. Your now ready to utilise them all and execute your most engaging lesson ever. But hold on, its never that easy for everyone Is it?

“A tool is only as good as its user” is a phrase you may have heard, this is never more applicable than when it comes to using interactive technologies for your teaching.

School’s are going to have a mix of teachers whose skill sets with technology are going to be at different levels. Some will be using all the tools at their disposal to deliver dynamic multimedia rich lessons while others will avoid getting the tablets out, or will only be using their interactive white board or LED touch screen for the basics and will never test the limits of the hardware. This is where you need to think about some training to get the most out of your IT investment and makes sure the technologies you have invested in are helping to deliver the best possible education for the students.

I don’t think anyone understands the value in training staff better than schools. To get the most out of any tool you need to be shown how to use it correctly. Once you know your way around a bit of software and understand how your hardware works you will be able to push it to its limits and reap the rewards.

We have a team of engineers at Cablers who have all benefited from an ongoing training program, although none of them will ever use an interactive display to teach with or design a lesson with the bundled software we still make sure that they know how to use it all. The same goes for all the other products and services we provide as well. As a company who understands the importance of wringing every ounce of usefulness from your education technology solutions we have developed and nurtured some fantastic relationships with many ICT consultants and training providers.

Depending on your needs we recommend that you arrange a tailor made on site training program, your staff will usually be able to learn by doing, its a real hands on approach where everyone has a go regardless of age and ability. Training will empower your staff with the necessary skills and confidence to use these teaching and learning systems as they were designed. It will make their lessons more engaging and fun whilst improving the overall learning experience for students.

The accredited trainers who work with you will make sure that every teacher leaves the course more motivated, confident, skilled and enthused than before. The beauty with a tailor made course is that it can be deigned and aimed at beginners, intermediate or advanced users and all will come away knowing far more than when they started.

Get much more from your IT investment and a better outcome for students by organizing some training. A quick poll of your teaching staff will highlight the areas where training will deliver the best results quickly for minimal investment.

What are you waiting for?

Use this link for more information about the types of on-site training Cablers can arrange for you

Alternatively contact us on 01787 221166 to discuss your training requirements.

Its your students who benefit most!

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