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BenQ Touch Screens are versatile interactive classroom displays and the Education Team at Cablers have taken a liking to full range of interactive touchscreens offered by BenQ. They are not the only type of screen we supply and  install. Cablers engineers are busy everyday in schools across the south east providing network services and installing audio visual equipment including screens supplied by many manufactures but the BenQ interactive touch screen has forced its way to the top of the pile. It provides schools with a versatile classroom display that is technically advanced, robust and reliable, aesthetically pleasing and excellent value for money even without the Special offer that is currently available or the class leading software that comes included as standard.
If you looking for a touch screen that fits into a classroom environment perfectly which will allow pupils to experience real time collaboration and facilitates the ability for them to contribute to lessons through their own mobile devices from anywhere in the room or directly via the touch screen. A classroom display that supports Windows, MAC, Linux and Chrome operating systems. An interactive display that includes a number of effective learning tools and comes bundled with  SMART Notebook Advantage software for whiteboard applications and lesson building. A screen that has all of the connections you will need to support new and legacy equipment and one which delivers a first class user experience then you should seriously consider a BenQ interactive display.

Cablers Pricing & Offer details for BenQ interactive screens

BenQ RP700+ aBenQ screens come in three sizes 55″(RP551+) 65″(RP650+) 70″(RP700+)

This is why the BenQ RP700+ is top of the class

Easy to use and easy on the eye with BenQ Eye-care™ interactive displays, the BenQ RP700+ delivers a 70” classroom interaction solution enhanced by BYOD support.

BenQ Blue light image - Copy        

Low Blue Light Technology

The interactive flat panels are built with BenQ’s Low Blue Light Technology to reduce harmful blue spectrum light emission, which causes eyestrain, eye fatigue and even mascular degeneration. The Low Blue Light technology features the Classroom mode that combats the possible side effects associated with blue light in every usage occasion.

    AG(Anti-Glare) Glass

The screen’s anti-glare glass reduces reflection, for more legible text and clearer images, helping students avoid eyestrain and facilitating more effective instruction. The picture on the left shows AG glass which minimizes interfering glare on the screen surface. The picture on the right shows how conventional glass is prone to suffer from irritating glare that is not very friendly on the eye.

BenQ rp700plus_Anti_Glare fish 1BenQ rp700plus_Anti_Glare_c Fish Bad







Ambient Light Sensor               BenQ sensor_tl650

Automatic brightness adjustment ensures the best viewing experience regardless of ambient light levels, while protecting the eyes and reducing power consumption by up to 50%.


MDA Software

Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) saves time and effort by providing remote management of BenQ Interactive Flat Panel MDA also supports remote shutdowns of equipment not in use, saving significant power costs.

BenQ mda_rp700plus

BenQ front_rp700plusFront Bezel Hot Key Design

Hotkeys are incorporated on the front bezel for quick and easy access to Freeze and Blank features as well as volume and input source control.

BenQ quick_rp700plusQuick Access on Remote Control

The Freeze and Blank features are built as hotkeys on the remote control for easy access to support classroom instruction and presentation efficiency.



 Multi-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with major operating systems from Windows to Mac, Linux and Chrome, the interactive flat panels are built to work seamlessly with a wide range of computing and mobile devices with a simple plug and play.

BenQ multi_rp700plus

BenQ touch_rp700plus

Multi-PC Touch Support

With three USB ports, one set on the front bezel for easy access, the interactive flat panels support up to three computing devices.


DisplayNote Software        display-note-bog-v2 training

The DisplayNote software is a cross platform solution that facilitates real-time collaboration across multiple computing and smart devices, enabling everyone to stream content and contribute to the presentation. The Wireless Desktop Control feature further allows teachers to mirror and wirelessly control their PC from anywhere in class, freeing them from traditional lecture style teaching.

    BenQ ez_rp700plus

         EZCast Software

The EZCast software features WiFi Display that projects diverse digital content from computers and smart devices as well as your cloud storage via WiFi. Its Quad Split Screen feature supports cross-platform split-screen display from up to four input sources. As a result, teachers and students are able to share and interact freely.

                                                               SMART Notebook Software  SmartNotebook banner2

Choose the option that includes the SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software, which sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive activities within a single application. SMART’s award-winning Notebook software will give you access to a rich set of activity creation and delivery features with exciting ready-made content, tools and support for you to use in your classroom

Smart Notebook banner1


Key Features of BenQ RP700+ 70” Interactive Touchscreen Anti Glare LED Display

· Chromebook compatibility
· Anti Glare Display
· Interactive Touch Technology
· 70” Diagonal Screen
· High Definition and Optimal Resolution (Full HD 1080p – 1920 x 1280)
· 16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio
· 4000:1 High Contrast Ratio
· In-built amplifier and speakers (12W)
· I/O Connections: 3 x HDMI, 3 x USB, 1 x Power (AC) Input, 1 x Power (AC) Output, 2 x Line-in,
  2 x Composite Video (BNC) In, 1 x Composite Video (BNC) Out, 2 x   15W Built-in Speakers, 1 x RS232 In, 1 x S-Video In,
  2 x Component  In,1 x    Microphone-in (¼’), 1 x AC Power Switch
· Dimensions (W x H x D): 1645.1 x 971.8 x 123.5mm
· Weight: 72kg
· 3 Year On-Site UK Mainland Warranty





Cablers have been providing Education Technology solutions to schools and colleges for more than 15 years. In that time we have developed deep understanding of how schools operate. How they want to use and integrate technology into the curriculum and we also have knack for picking out products in the market place that deliver fantastic value and tick all the boxes that educational establishments have to check off before they commit to a purchase.

Contact the education team at Cablers for advice on the educational technology that will transform your classrooms and teaching practices

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Promethean ActivPanel Touch.

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ActivPanel Touch from Promethean


activpanel masterpiece

ActivPanel Touch unites multi-touch interactivity, vibrant images, a classroom-tough design and Promethean’s award-winning software in an interactive flat-panel display that is optimized for the classroom

ActivPanel Touch at a glance:

  • Smooth, precise interactivity whether writing or using multi-touch gestures makes active participation a seamless part of every lesson.
  • Superior image quality, flexibility and durable construction ensure years of captivating learning experiences.


Why ActivPanel Touch?

Excellent visibility in any room, at any angle
Keeping all learners engaged is the hallmark of ActivPanel Touch. Crystal-clear visibility in virtually any lighting conditions and a wide viewing angle make every seat in the house a great one. Whether you’re in a classroom flooded with warm sunshine or one with no natural lighting, every student will be well placed to actively learn.

Precise interaction for any task
Exceptionally smooth and responsive interactivity is the norm whether you are writing, pinching, zooming or swiping the edge of the ActivPanel Touch screen. Using a stylus or finger, ActivPanel Touch offers a natural, precise handwriting experience. Our multi-touch functionality brings Windows 7 and Windows 8’s tools to life at the swipe of your students’ fingertips.

Reduce the technology learning curve
ActivPanel Touch is simple and intuitive for both learners and teachers. Using technology to accomplish your long list of learning objectives has never been easier.

Enjoy a long life of worry-free use Promethean’s interactive flat panel is designed to meet the unique needs and demands of any classroom. Its long-lasting LED interactive touch screen, durable construction and comprehensive warranty ensure a long life of reliable service.

Make the most of your existing technology tools While ActivPanel Touch works seamlessly with all Promethean solutions, it’s also flexible enough to complement most educational technologies.


Call our education team for some advice and the latest pricing.

Order now and get a FREE ActivSoundBar and 5 years FREE extended warranty.

(Time limited offer please contact us for validity)

This amazing package also includes a free delivery and ActivInspire 1.8.


SMART E70 fact sheet from Cablers

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Cablers are supplying and installing lots of touchscreens in primary and secondary schools with the SMART E70 being our most installed screen choice. Touchscreens have fast becoming a favorite with IT departments and teachers as they provide a much better user experience compared to a traditional interactive white board. Cablers always recommend that you have a survey prior to ordering any touchscreen. It’s never going to be as simple as hanging a LED screen on a wall and plugging it in. Most of the large format touch screens that are suitable for the education sector are quite heavy and you should make sure that the fabric of the wall can handle the weight. You may need additional bracing, another consideration will be whether the electrics are situated in the right place and that all you’re cabling and connections will reach between the screens and your computers.

We do not charge for a survey so contact our education team for some advise.

 SMART Board E70_DetailMain   SMART E70

Designed specifically for classrooms, the SMART Board E70 interactive flat panel combines a premium touch experience with the power of SMART Notebook collaborative learning software on a 70″ display. The high-definition, shadow-free 70″ (177.8 cm) LED display features low-friction coated glass that enables fingers to glide smoothly over the surface, facilitating a natural touch experience. The SMART Board E70 also virtually eliminates glare and provides an optimal view from any angle in the classroom, delivering an unparalleled viewing and writing experience to offer the best value for classrooms. The multitouch SMART Board E70 features freestyle multi-user interaction anywhere on the display with Windows 7 or 8, enabling students to collaborate without limitations.

 Product Features & Key Buying Points

  • Commercial grade, LED display

Never replace another projector bulb. The long-lasting commercial grade, LED display provides double the classroom hours of standard consumer displays. (50,000 hours lifespan)

  • 70″ surface

The 70″ surface has little to no glare, ensuring every student, no matter where they are seated, can see the display clearly.

  • Multitouch capabilities

Up to 4 students can work together simultaneously on the display.

  • Low-friction, coated glass

Allows your finger to glide smoothly over the surface, facilitating a natural touch experience.

  • HD/High-Resolution display

Because you have little to no glare it reduces eye strain and provides better readability in bright locations helping to increase engagement in your classroom.

  • SMART Notebook collaborative learning software included

SMART Notebook sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive lessons within a single application. It puts all your instructional materials at your fingertips, and allows you to save any notes or content you write during the lesson to share with students later on.


For more details on the SMART E70 then contact Cablers and we will provide you with detailed specifications and pricing.


Here are some SMART E70’s we have installed.

We replaced some interactive white boards which were showing there age recently with these new SMART E70’s. They are robust yet elegant  and will be able to provide all the multimedia connectivity a teacher requires for collaboration in the classroom. They will also stand up to everything the primary school pupils put them through as these displays are built to last and come with fantastic education warranty’s to ensure peace of mind and minimal disruption to teaching and learning in the rare occurrence of an issue.

photo 3c            photo 5b

photo 5 photo 2a

This one was not an E70 but a smaller sibling from SMART at 55″ it still looks great integrated into this furniture though.

St Mikes2

Teacherwall modification

One of the schools we have been providing network and audio visual services to for many years purchased some new classroom furniture recently and asked Cablers to have a look to see if we could bring our education technology expertise along and modify it to suit a 21st Century classroom.

We are always up for a challenge and so sent along a couple of our engineers to have a look and  come up with a plan.  When they arrived they got their first look at a Teacherwall which is a modular teaching and storage system for the education sector.



Both of the engineers we sent along with their modification caps on have many years experience building bespoke ICT suites and classroom benching and they liked what they found.  The build quality was very good and we immediately  saw the potential for this type of storage solution in primary schools. Teacherwall could be the perfect solution to create an efficient, tidy classroom.

St Mikes4

Teacherwall already allows for the mounting of any interactive whiteboard and projector on the market today so the first thing Cablers decided to do was not to use an interactive whiteboard and separate projector. Instead we allowed to install a SMART LED Touch Screen which will provide the teacher with a all of the multimedia connectivity they will need without the need of a separate projector.

St Mikes2        St Mikes5
If you want to know more about touchscreens have a look at another of my blogs here: TouchScreens

The next thing we turned our attention to was the installation of some extra electrical sockets and some more network points because in the 21st Century you never seem to have enough and in a classroom you will never have enough.

St Mikes6


St Mikes3

By the end of the day our engineers and the school were very happy with the modifications to  the Teacherwall and we are sure it will serve them well for many years to come.

Cablers can help your school incorporate technology into classrooms too. Why not give our education team a call when you need something. We of course provide excellent standard installations but we can also do those things which are a little bit special. 

St Mikes2 teacher-wall-3 teacher-wall-1


If you would like to know more about a Teacherwall solution contact us.






Why schools should think before buying IT / AV equipment from the large volume box shifters.

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Why schools should think before buying IT kit from the large volume box shifters

Most of us love a bit of catalogue or online shopping. It saves time and usually a little money too. This is especially true for hard pressed members of a senior leadership team, teachers and admin staff looking to make the school budgets stretch further. However it is often false economy for what you lose is greater than the small savings you make.

You may get your smart board and projector for a couple of pounds less, you may pick up a server at a bargain basement price but you lose the honest, friendly and knowledgeable service a local specialist provider brings to the process.

As a local specialist education supplier Cablers understand just how busy you are in school and will fit in around you. We recommend a quick survey whenever you swap a projector, replace a interactive white board or buy a large format touch screen. Their are lots of factors to be taken into consideration. You never know if the new projector will fit your existing mount, if the power will reach,  if all your other cables are long enough, does it have the correct connections, can the wall structure can handle a heavier board/screen etc….. The list goes on and i can guarantee in 8  out of 10 times its never as simple as ordering equipment and then getting it installed. Buying from a local specialist who takes the time to look at your requirements will make sure you avoid these problems.

You must also be aware that while you can buy most equipment quite freely from lots of company’s in the UK, when it comes to installing kit the manufactures often state that warranties are invalid unless the equipment is installed by a certified engineer. Make sure your installers have the right accreditation!

We have worked hard to ensure that all our engineers are certified to carry out installations and fault rectifications for all of the UK’s leading brands supplying education technology to schools.

My advice is that you foster relationships with local suppliers who will look after you personally through the buying process. They will ask all the right questions and will ensure your purchased kit is fit for purpose and installed correctly. They will also support you with the warranty process if your equipment should fail. Local suppliers are able to pop in easily to solve any issues or answer questions. Try getting one of the big box shifters to do that for you.

I think all the extra service and peace of mind you gain by using a local specialist supplier and installer far outweigh the small savings you may make buying from a box shifter. We more often than not save you money once installation costs are factored in.

Cablers are working with local education authorities, ICT support providers and lots of schools throughout the South East. Providing a personal service to ensure schools always have the best advice and supplying the most current  IT and AV equipment available which is then installed without the hassle of dealing with more than one company.

All our work is guaranteed and we understand how you use education technology in the classroom.

Contact Cablers and get some good advice next time you need new education technology for your school.


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