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Why all primary schools should have a wireless network.

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“Wireless networking works well in all schools and can help deliver major educational benefits.” Now that may be a sweeping statement but i believe it is a powerful truth.
A carefully planned wireless network will allow more children to benefit from ICT learning. It also gives teachers the freedom to incorporate ICT into more subjects and the flexibility to use more areas of the school for a wider range of purposes. Which is no bad thing considering the pressure many primary schools are under as they are squeezed for space with another baby boom generation filtering into the education system.
With classroom space in short supply and pupil numbers increasing it is now being recognized that reliable wireless solutions are giving schools the power to start utilising those nooks, crannies and corridors which were previously dead space. Dedicated ICT suites filled with bulky PC’s and monitors are being converted back into classrooms. Schools now have the opportunity to replace outdated equipment with tablets and laptops which can be strategically deployed on trolleys where they are needed most, creating one to one learning opportunities that traditional methods of placing hardwired computers throughout a school do not provide.
kids using ipads ict suite
As a flexible resource mobile devices give better value for money than desktop computers. Schools using wireless networks report that when combined with their mobile devices which allow easy access to classes across the school, both the amount and the quality of ICT use surge ahead dramatically. These shared resources are giving more children better access to school networks and the internet on a daily basis.
Wireless networks are also making it possible for teachers to blend other technology within the classroom seamlessly into lessons too. For instance your interactive white board & projector, large format touch screen and audio equipment can often be connected to your favorite mobile devices and to the schools network wirelessly. And let’s not forget your mobile devices can also connect to each other as well.
This of course leaves the door wide open for you to explore new ways to engage with students and colleagues across multiple devices and platforms.
Current wireless technology coupled with up to date mobile devices in schools are giving 21st Century teachers and students a fantastic chance to explore new ways to present, share and collaborate with each other.

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