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One of the most powerful presentation tools for the classroom

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We work with lots of schools and one of the most frequently asked questions by teachers is how  can i easily share and show the work my students produce on my interactive white board or for those of you lucky enough to have one already your interactive screen.

In order to collaborate digitally with the students in your class the first thing you will need before you get any further will be a robust wireless network so that you and your students can benefit from using mobile devices in the classroom together. I will assume that you already have this in place but if you want to know more about wireless check out my previous blogs for some useful information:

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Let me share with the class.

As a teacher you are required to present interesting, engaging, dynamic, content rich lessons to your class using all the tools at your disposal including your interactive display. I know that this is not easy and i take my hat off to those who do it everyday including my wife who has been teaching for more years than she will wish me to let on. Now no matter how engaging you have made your lesson It can be a challenge to deliver your content in a dynamic way when you are stuck at the front of the class tied to your computer and interactive display.

We have a solution in the form of some very clever software from DisplayNote that will free you up to control all your lesson content from your tablet while you walk around interacting with students. At the same time it will show a live broadcast on your interactive display for the class to follow, it gets better than that though. DisplayNote also shares that lesson content to mobile devices throughout the class allowing your students to interact, share and collaborate instantly with your carefully prepared lesson.


Use DisplayNote to present wirelessly with an iPad or Android device, it will mirror your screen to every students device. Each of those students can view and capture your lesson slides on their device while collaborating with each other in real time.

Stream content from your computer to multiple mobile devices. If you make a change, annotate or add an image it will show up instantly on your theirs.

Control your classroom PC or Mac without being tied to it, because your class computer will also be connected to your interactive display content will simultaneously be shown on it and if you were to make changes to the content using the tools on your interactive display those changes will be captured and shared as you wish via your computer and your tablet running DisplayNote.

Stay in control. With a single tap of your screen you can check which students are currently active. Tap again and you can send a private message, view someones screen, pause a session or turn on collaboration mode.

Check for understanding. Use the inbuilt voting tools to quickly and discretely measure levels of understanding. Gather instant feedback and check the pulse of the room.

Real time collaboration is possible with DisplayNote. You can tap into everyone’s ideas. Choose one or more student to collaberate and share each others annotations and ideas in real time alongside your lesson presentation. It only takes a few clicks to get everyone involved and contributing to your lesson.

Capture and save every moment with one button slide capture. Slides and lessons can be saved on the device or exported to a platform like Dropbox.

Students can personalise learning by adding their own notes to your slides which are then saved on their device to review later or exported to be saved somewhere else.

Involve everyone, no matter what the presentation, participants can contribute by drawing on their screen or choosing an image which can instantly be shared with everyone in the room who is logged into your DisplayNote session.

DisplayNote compliments your classroom interactive whiteboard or interactive touch screen.


I have been using DispalyNote in our offices and giving schools demonstrations for around a year. We have looked at other software that uses mirroring techniques but we have not found anything in a single package which is as feature rich as this. Its a great fit for a modern classroom.

The software is available as a free trial download to get you started. The 7 days you get should be long enough for you to thoroughly test the capabilities. The free trial will give you access to one presenters license and it will allow you to connect 30 participants.

If you decide that you want the paid version then contact Cablers  through this link and we will walk you through the licensing and costs.

DisplayNote Free Trial

If you need a little bit more of an incentive to give DisplayNote a try in your school then watch these videos.

Technology Core DisplayNote demo.


What can DisplayNote do?

DisplayNote is great for BYOD.

DisplayNote Sign

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