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Teacherwall modification

One of the schools we have been providing network and audio visual services to for many years purchased some new classroom furniture recently and asked Cablers to have a look to see if we could bring our education technology expertise along and modify it to suit a 21st Century classroom.

We are always up for a challenge and so sent along a couple of our engineers to have a look and  come up with a plan.  When they arrived they got their first look at a Teacherwall which is a modular teaching and storage system for the education sector.



Both of the engineers we sent along with their modification caps on have many years experience building bespoke ICT suites and classroom benching and they liked what they found.  The build quality was very good and we immediately  saw the potential for this type of storage solution in primary schools. Teacherwall could be the perfect solution to create an efficient, tidy classroom.

St Mikes4

Teacherwall already allows for the mounting of any interactive whiteboard and projector on the market today so the first thing Cablers decided to do was not to use an interactive whiteboard and separate projector. Instead we allowed to install a SMART LED Touch Screen which will provide the teacher with a all of the multimedia connectivity they will need without the need of a separate projector.

St Mikes2        St Mikes5
If you want to know more about touchscreens have a look at another of my blogs here: TouchScreens

The next thing we turned our attention to was the installation of some extra electrical sockets and some more network points because in the 21st Century you never seem to have enough and in a classroom you will never have enough.

St Mikes6


St Mikes3

By the end of the day our engineers and the school were very happy with the modifications to  the Teacherwall and we are sure it will serve them well for many years to come.

Cablers can help your school incorporate technology into classrooms too. Why not give our education team a call when you need something. We of course provide excellent standard installations but we can also do those things which are a little bit special. 

St Mikes2 teacher-wall-3 teacher-wall-1


If you would like to know more about a Teacherwall solution contact us.






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