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Why schools should think before buying IT / AV equipment from the large volume box shifters.

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Why schools should think before buying IT kit from the large volume box shifters

Most of us love a bit of catalogue or online shopping. It saves time and usually a little money too. This is especially true for hard pressed members of a senior leadership team, teachers and admin staff looking to make the school budgets stretch further. However it is often false economy for what you lose is greater than the small savings you make.

You may get your smart board and projector for a couple of pounds less, you may pick up a server at a bargain basement price but you lose the honest, friendly and knowledgeable service a local specialist provider brings to the process.

As a local specialist education supplier Cablers understand just how busy you are in school and will fit in around you. We recommend a quick survey whenever you swap a projector, replace a interactive white board or buy a large format touch screen. Their are lots of factors to be taken into consideration. You never know if the new projector will fit your existing mount, if the power will reach,  if all your other cables are long enough, does it have the correct connections, can the wall structure can handle a heavier board/screen etc….. The list goes on and i can guarantee in 8  out of 10 times its never as simple as ordering equipment and then getting it installed. Buying from a local specialist who takes the time to look at your requirements will make sure you avoid these problems.

You must also be aware that while you can buy most equipment quite freely from lots of company’s in the UK, when it comes to installing kit the manufactures often state that warranties are invalid unless the equipment is installed by a certified engineer. Make sure your installers have the right accreditation!

We have worked hard to ensure that all our engineers are certified to carry out installations and fault rectifications for all of the UK’s leading brands supplying education technology to schools.

My advice is that you foster relationships with local suppliers who will look after you personally through the buying process. They will ask all the right questions and will ensure your purchased kit is fit for purpose and installed correctly. They will also support you with the warranty process if your equipment should fail. Local suppliers are able to pop in easily to solve any issues or answer questions. Try getting one of the big box shifters to do that for you.

I think all the extra service and peace of mind you gain by using a local specialist supplier and installer far outweigh the small savings you may make buying from a box shifter. We more often than not save you money once installation costs are factored in.

Cablers are working with local education authorities, ICT support providers and lots of schools throughout the South East. Providing a personal service to ensure schools always have the best advice and supplying the most current  IT and AV equipment available which is then installed without the hassle of dealing with more than one company.

All our work is guaranteed and we understand how you use education technology in the classroom.

Contact Cablers and get some good advice next time you need new education technology for your school.


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