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One Socket for USB & Power

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Are you fed up with never being able to find your phone charger?

Are  you running out of sockets for all your gadgets?

This is a very clever yet simple and cost effective solution to your problem.

group gear usb a

Midlands-based Group Gear are selling a power socket face plate complete with two UK 3-pin sockets, as well as two built-in USB ports and they are not the only ones. A quick Google search will throw up lots of choices for you to consider with various connectivity choices, colours and style options to choose from.

The  USB & plug socket face plate pictured here is from Group Gear and features two standard plugs,  two USB ports and it will fit onto any back box with a minimum depth of 25mm making it perfect for retro fitting to your existing sockets.

Cablers Network & AV Solutions spend a lot of time installing data and electrics for schools and businesses throughout the South East and we can really see the value in upgrading some of your existing sockets to incorporate these handy USB ports. It  means you can charge your smartphone, tablet, camera and pretty much anything else that gets its power via USB. All without the need for another adapter essentially freeing up your mains sockets for other things.

Group Gears rather clever 2 Amp Intelligent Split Power Supply gives a superior charging rate over many standard USB charging options. Rather than limiting the individual USB ports to half the overall allowance per port which results in much slower charging times, the Group Gear USB charging plate has the potential to power up to 2 Amps from one single port giving you faster charging when required. However each port will only pull the required power for your device and will deliver  an optimum charging rate.

The 2 Amp combined USB ports are powerful enough to quickly charge a single smartphone, it can swiftly charge two smartphones or similar devices together or even charge a tablet and laptop with ease. The sockets are of course surge protected ensuring your valuable equipment is saved from damaging power spikes and fluctuations.  If no device is connected, the plug sockets internal transformer shuts down and power is not supplied to the USB ports at all.


USB faceplate cropped orig front 1 USB faceplate cropped orig rear



These sockets are a clever solution to the far too frequent problem of running out of space for your chargers or having to unplug other essential gadgets and tech to free up space.  They are a cost effective option that are easily incorporated into your school or office. I even have a few strategically placed throughout my home which have made a huge difference and dispensed with the knotty mess of cables and extension leads i had previously relied on.

With the rumored release of USB Type C on its way you will need to consider using these types of sockets with an adapter if any of your really new devices take advantage of the USB Type C connection or you will need  hang on and wait for the manufacturers to make suitable sockets. This isn’t going be a problem with all of the existing USB devices your running and it will take quite some time before the majority of your devices use this new connection. Though the beauty of this solution is that you will be able to easily and cheaply swap your socket face plates again when the time comes to upgrade without making any major changes to your electrical infrastructure.


This is how the USB Type-C connector is expected to look when it launches later this year.
It has been designed for use with thinner, sleeker devices, such as tablets and ultra books, and solves the annoying problem of inserting drives the wrong way up. Users of older devices will need an adapter to use the new Type-C plugs.

If your interested in incorporating some of these USB/Power sockets into you infrastructure then why not contact the installation team at Cablers for some advice and pricing.

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