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SMART – BENQ – EPSON – NEC – ROTH – PROMETHEAN – Warranty Procedures for 2015

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Vendor Warranty Information

Cablers are fully committed to our customers, and we believe this commitment should not stop once the sale has been made.

Cablers have a warranty agreements with all of our vendors, providing our customers with peace of mind when purchasing any item from us. As a reseller, the vendor warranties give Cablers the opportunity to offer our customers reassurances and guarantees that, should there be a technical issue with their purchase, there is an official support procedure to rectify the problem.


Cablers also have our own team of support staff and a dedicated support portal which can be accessed here: http://support.cablers.co.uk/ Or by emailing us at: support@cablers.co.uk

Support portal

Through the Cablers support portal you can register any fault and track its progress until it has been rectified to your satisfaction. Cablers will of course do all that we can to help you pursue your in warranty claims but we are also here to help assist with your out of warranty products too and we have a team of trained and fully qualified engineers and technicians available for on-site call outs to assist with all your audio visual and IT related issues.

Below you will find some helpful contact details to assist you with any warranty claim you may need to make. If the manufacturer you need is not listed please contact our customer service team on: 01787 221166 or email support@cablers.co.uk and we will provide you with the details you require.




 SMART Warranty      Smart extraordinary made simple Steljes technology with purpose

An excellent range of SMART warranties are available through Steljes

SMART provides a return-to-base warranty but with the Steljes warranty services, you gain the advantage of a free upgrade to an onsite warranty.

Please contact the Steljes warranty support team who will be able to assist you with any queries on 08450 747007 or alternatively email: warranty@steljes.co.uk

Contact Steljes About Your SMART Warranty
Their expert team are happy to help. Just pick up the phone

Steljes support helplines are open between 9am–5.30pm Monday-Friday (excluding holidays).

Please have the serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Steljes can assist with your warranty claim.

Education: 08450 724999
Corporate: 08450 724888
From Ireland: +353 (0) 1 6464000

BenQ Warranty    Benq logo

BenQ provide a 3 year onsite warranty for their projectors and interactive Flat Panels.

Please contact Steljes regarding faulty products on 08450 724999 or email service@steljes.co.uk

 Please have the serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Steljes can assist with your warranty claim.



Epson Warranty          Epson logo

Please contact Epson regarding faulty products on 0871 4237766

Please have the model and serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Epson can assist with your warranty claim.


 NEC Warranty     NEC logo

Please contact NEC regarding faulty products on 0870 120 1160 or email the team on ukcrtlcd@emea.nec.com

Please have the model and serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure NEC can assist with your warranty claim.

Roth Warranty      Roth logo

Roth provides a 3 year return to base warranty

​Please contact Roth AV Ltd regarding faulty products on 01753 682782 or email: support@rothaudio.co.uk

Please have the model and serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Roth can assist with your warranty claim.

VIVIDtouch Warranty               Vividtouch logo

All VIVIDtouch interactive flat panels are covered by a ​5 year onsite warranty as standard

Please contact Steljes regarding VIVIDtouch faulty products on 08450 724999 or service@steljes.co.uk

Please have the model and serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Steljes can assist with your warranty claim.

HITACHI Warranty      Hitachi logo

Hitachi provide a 3 year de/re-install hardware warranty, as well as a lamp warranty.

Please contact Hitachi regarding faulty products on 01684 290000 or email the team on: Service.admin@equinox.co.uk

Please have the model and serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Equinox can assist with your warranty claim.

Promethean Standard Warranty & ActivCare      Promethean logo

Promethean offers two warranty options, including:

ActivCare Standard Warranty: Their basic warranty offering, automatically provided for all Promethean products
ActivCare+: Their Premium purchasable warranty extensions and enhancements available for registered Promethean products

Technical Support Number  0844 249 2077

Open: 08:30 – 17:30

ActivCare Standard Warranty

The Standard Warranty is a basic warranty offering, automatically provided for all non-registered Promethean products.

Promethean hardware products should be registered to obtain a certificate and upgrade to on-site warranty.  Registration starts the warranty from the date of installation and lets you take advantage of toll free telephone numbers.  Registration must take place through Promethean’s Registration Portal within 90 days of the date of installation or set up.

In order to provide quality support, Prometheans Customer Support team will need the product serial number and/or the proof of purchase. They offer free online support through their Knowledgebase, as well as access to telephone support charged at a national call rate (where geographically available).

Please note:

Priority support lines are available for holders of registered products. Please refer to your ActivCare warranty documentation for access details.

Email support will be available throughout by visiting www.prometheankb.com and completing the “Contact Us” form.

The Standard Hardware ActivCare Warranty accompanies all products shipped from Promethean.

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SMART E70 fact sheet from Cablers

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Cablers are supplying and installing lots of touchscreens in primary and secondary schools with the SMART E70 being our most installed screen choice. Touchscreens have fast becoming a favorite with IT departments and teachers as they provide a much better user experience compared to a traditional interactive white board. Cablers always recommend that you have a survey prior to ordering any touchscreen. It’s never going to be as simple as hanging a LED screen on a wall and plugging it in. Most of the large format touch screens that are suitable for the education sector are quite heavy and you should make sure that the fabric of the wall can handle the weight. You may need additional bracing, another consideration will be whether the electrics are situated in the right place and that all you’re cabling and connections will reach between the screens and your computers.

We do not charge for a survey so contact our education team for some advise.

 SMART Board E70_DetailMain   SMART E70

Designed specifically for classrooms, the SMART Board E70 interactive flat panel combines a premium touch experience with the power of SMART Notebook collaborative learning software on a 70″ display. The high-definition, shadow-free 70″ (177.8 cm) LED display features low-friction coated glass that enables fingers to glide smoothly over the surface, facilitating a natural touch experience. The SMART Board E70 also virtually eliminates glare and provides an optimal view from any angle in the classroom, delivering an unparalleled viewing and writing experience to offer the best value for classrooms. The multitouch SMART Board E70 features freestyle multi-user interaction anywhere on the display with Windows 7 or 8, enabling students to collaborate without limitations.

 Product Features & Key Buying Points

  • Commercial grade, LED display

Never replace another projector bulb. The long-lasting commercial grade, LED display provides double the classroom hours of standard consumer displays. (50,000 hours lifespan)

  • 70″ surface

The 70″ surface has little to no glare, ensuring every student, no matter where they are seated, can see the display clearly.

  • Multitouch capabilities

Up to 4 students can work together simultaneously on the display.

  • Low-friction, coated glass

Allows your finger to glide smoothly over the surface, facilitating a natural touch experience.

  • HD/High-Resolution display

Because you have little to no glare it reduces eye strain and provides better readability in bright locations helping to increase engagement in your classroom.

  • SMART Notebook collaborative learning software included

SMART Notebook sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive lessons within a single application. It puts all your instructional materials at your fingertips, and allows you to save any notes or content you write during the lesson to share with students later on.


For more details on the SMART E70 then contact Cablers and we will provide you with detailed specifications and pricing.


Here are some SMART E70’s we have installed.

We replaced some interactive white boards which were showing there age recently with these new SMART E70’s. They are robust yet elegant  and will be able to provide all the multimedia connectivity a teacher requires for collaboration in the classroom. They will also stand up to everything the primary school pupils put them through as these displays are built to last and come with fantastic education warranty’s to ensure peace of mind and minimal disruption to teaching and learning in the rare occurrence of an issue.

photo 3c            photo 5b

photo 5 photo 2a

This one was not an E70 but a smaller sibling from SMART at 55″ it still looks great integrated into this furniture though.

St Mikes2


SMART LightRaise™ 60wi2 to launch later this month (June)

My last Cablers post for interactive projectors has had quite a few views which indicates that schools are seriously considering interactive projectors as viable option for delivering multimedia resources in the classroom.

Steljes will be adding the new SMART LightRaise 60wi2 interactive projector to the product range in June allowing Cablers to provide you with a greater choice of interactive projector models this summer.

The new SMART LightRaise 60wi2 should captivate users, providing interactivity on virtually any solid flat surface or dry erase board. The improved model is brighter at 3000 lumens and enables up to four people to simultaneously write, touch and interact within the inclusive SMART Notebook collaborative software (with one year SMART Notebook Advantage subscription also included). The unit also introduces compatibility with the Crestron® RoomView® room management system.

The new unit will complement the existing SMART LightRaise 60wi Interactive projector, which provides a dual touch experience at 2500 lumens brightness.

If you have not read my previous blog about interactive projectors you can find it here.

For details contact our helpful education team.


Why Get Interactive Projectors?

Modern teaching practices rely increasingly on digital media to get results and keep learners engaged. Cablers are helping Schools and colleges benefit by providing well connected multimedia rich environments and interactivity that can be used across all subject areas.

An interactive projector provides an option that integrates the interactivity of a whiteboard into a projector, you could think of it as a virtual whiteboard.

With an interactive projector:

  • Students and teachers can write directly on the projected image using an interactive pen, finger or both with some of the more advanced models.
  • Students can interact with content using control gestures just like they do on their mobile devices.
  • Users interact with the projected content on nearly any flat, light-coloured surface. Some models allow interaction from a distance using pointing devices.
  • Teachers can face the class without the interference of a bright projector light shining in their eyes.

Installing a classroom multimedia hub such as an interactive whiteboard with projector or a new style flat panel LED interactive display could be beyond your budget. An interactive projector is a cost effective option that can fill any gaps you have with multimedia provisioning in the classroom. Reduced hardware and installation costs provide great savings which add up quickly and could save you hundreds or thousands of pounds.

If you do plan to project straight onto a wall or uneven surface you may not get the best image from your chosen unit. We wouldn’t recommend doing this unless the surface is perfect so treat yourselves to a matt white backing board and make sure you factor it into your costs. Another factor to consider is installation, these projection units are not quite the same as a standard projector and installations can be a bit more fiddly to ensure a perfect set up. It is recommended that you have them installed by certified technicians like Cablers.

Cablers have partnered with Epson, BenQ and Smart to offer a range of interactive projectors, perfect for every situation.

For more information contact our helpful education team.

Here are some video links for interactive projectors:
Epson EB -450WI
Smart LightRaise
BenQ demo Interactive Projectors at ISE2014 (Dual screen touch which is very clever)

The best large format touchscreens for classrooms. (Our recommendations for Education.)

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Classroom LED Interactive Displays

Large format touch screens are becoming a regular addition to the front of class these days. They are also a popular choice for businesses and look great in a meeting or board room setting.

As a long established supplier and installer of innovative AV equipment we have taken a keen interest in this technology as it has developed. It has taken a few years for it to filter down from the high end, high priced units first available to the more sensibly priced classroom friendly options we expertly install.

So how will you go about choosing what type of display is right for you and your working environment? My advice is to get some advice from a specialist installer.  Not one of those large box shifting companies that badge themselves as education specialists. You will most likely end up speaking to an operator who will take your order and tell you the product you have chosen is the best thing since sliced bread and fit for purpose even though they have never been inside a classroom since they left school.

Too many companies will supply equipment without ever visiting you or your school to see if its going to be right. It’s never going to be as simple as hanging a flat screen on a wall and plugging it in. Most of the large format touch screens suitable for a school environment are quite heavy and you should have a survey to make sure that the fabric of the wall can handle the weight. You do not want one of these falling off the wall three months after it’s installed. Aside from the cost of replacing a screen the health and safety implications don’t bear thinking about. You will also need to know whether the electrics are situated in the right place, that all you’re cabling and connections will reach, work and that the planned screen will be able to be seen from every seat in the classroom. With some displays viewing angles are very important.

A good company quoting for you will not charge for a survey and the opportunity to discuss your plans and requirements. (Get some GOOD advice.) It can be a bit of a mine field so please do your research. Don’t use suppliers based miles away when you have great suppliers and installers closer to home who wont have a problem popping in when they are needed.

Most of you looking at upgrading to a touch screen will already be well acquainted with your IWB. (Interactive white board) You will also be trained and experienced in using the software that goes with it such as Smart Notebook or Promethean’s Activinspire to plan lessons, save and share work with other staff and students. When buying your touch screen please take your software into account. You can not legally use your Smart or Promethean software with your new screen unless you have a license!  Offsted will check eventually and if you are caught using unlicensed software on your shiny new touch screen your head teacher will ultimately be responsible for the infringement.

We have seen screens demonstrated by lots of manufactures and most come bundled with their own software which when demonstrated will seem easy to use and adequate for for all your planned tasks. Please be wary! Demonstrations are designed to make  the software and the screen look good. If you have the time try using the bundled software in ways that will replicate classroom scenarios, the software might well be adequate for your needs. I will say from my own experience of using some of these tools, they lack the finally honed user interfaces, and much of the functionality that are provided with Smart Notebook and Promethean Activinspire. They also cant match the vast array of readily available online resources provided on both platforms.

We have worked closely with schools over the last 15 years and have installed thousands of displays and interactive whiteboards, we understand the importance of having great software that supports your teaching.

You can get your copy of licensed software from Cablers or directly from Smart or Promethean easily enough. Just remember it will add to the total cost of the screen you are purchasing unless its bundled with the screen you buy. So what may look a great deal initially might not look so great when you budget for your preferred essential software.

If you’re teaching you will most likely be used to one of Smart’s or Promethean’s interactive white board models, although we do still see a few Hitachi boards around. The smallest screen you will have on a IWB will be 64″ and it will be in a 4 x 3 format which is non widescreen. Most of the IWB’s we installed in 2013 were the larger sized 77″  3 x 4 format or 87″ 16:9 wide format. It can be a little confusing but you need to keep this sizing in mind as you search out a touch screen suitable for your classroom.

Large format touch screens only display in a wide screen format which means that a 55″ touch screen display which sounds quite large will in effect deliver icons on screen look much smaller than they would if displayed in a 4 x 3 format. The feed back we have received is that icons are not big enough for every child in the class to see comfortably. The bigger you can afford to go with your screen size the better the experience will be for users. Not so much the users at the front of the class interacting with the screen but certainly the children spread around the class following the lesson.  We have seen quite a few of the early adopters of touch screens regret not waiting till they could afford a larger screen size.  If you have a small class room then a 55″ may be adequate.

Large format touch screens for schools need to be up to the job, they are going to be used day in day out. Make sure the one you buy is an “A” rated commercial display. These should be guaranteed for 50,000 plus hours use. Another option available on some screens which you may not have considered is low friction glass. You will notice it if you spend your days at the front of the class running you running your fingers across the screen. Another desirable option on a display that is in use all day long would be AG (anti-glare) glass on the touch panel. It will reduce eye fatigue to protect eyes of both teachers and students by significantly reducing reflection and glare on the screen.

Whatever screen option you choose you will benefit from low maintenance costs through low power consumption and eliminating the need for a projector takes with it those expensive lamp replacement charges.

Based on our knowledge of the products within the market place and from years of working with schools, local education authorities and IT support providers we make these recommendations for large format touch screens in education.


smart-e70  Smart E70

This is currently the Rolls Royce of interactive touchscreen’s. The Smart E70 comes bundled with the latest version of Smart NoteBook software fully licensed for your use in school. It has a 70″ high definition display (16:9 aspect ratio) which is big enough for any class room. It’s low glare, low friction surface provides a natural touch experience whilst allowing students to see the board from all angles even in sunlight. It has eight points of touch which allows for up to 4 users using control gestures on the board at any one time, enabling more collaborative lessons. The E70 is also compatible with SMART’s range of accessories.

This touch screen has an excellent build quality, the casing of the screen feels robust and having installed them i can imagine these units lasting for many years.


BenQ RP 650plus  BenQ

A perfect solution for 21st century classrooms, the BenQ interactive flat panel RP650 combines the power of touch technology and multimedia connectivity to maximize the learning experience of all types of learners. Designed with safety and flexibility in mind, the BENQ RP650 is easy and simple to install in any classroom setting using a VESA wall mount. It has a massive 65″ screen providing a 16:9 aspect ratio and is ample size for most class rooms. You can touch the screen to pan, zoom and scroll images with fingers through the optical 5-point multi-touch technology which allows students and teacher to write on the screen at the same time. Touch eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard, so you can operate education software or presentations like using a tablet to enjoy an engaging experience. You can also interact with students simultaneously on the big screen. The crystal clear resolution and high brightness display means that images are clearly visible and unlike projection based interactive solutions, there is no shadowing.The dual and multi touch screens allow students to collaborate simultaneously, encouraging cooperation and teamwork in the classroom. The BENQ PR650  (PR650+ Has anti glare glass) comes bundled with a licensed copy of Smart Notebook software.

With a industrial grade panel combined with guaranteed 24/7 usage and a durable design makes a BENQ Interactive Touchscreen a very versatile solution for every classroom.


activpanel-touch peacock  Promethean ActivPanel Touch

ActivPanel Touch is available in a 65” or 70” touch panel display. ActivPanel Touch promotes active participation in whole-class or small-group lessons by providing vivid interactivity and engaging learning experiences. With a design optimised for the classroom and has superb construction, this interactive flat-panel display will enliven lessons and promote student engagement for years to come. It comes bundled with a licensed copy of Promethean’s ActivInspire for you to use with the screen in school and access to Promethean Planet’s 80,000+ free teaching resources and online professional development provide educators tools and support for active and inspired learning.

This screen provides excellent visibility in any room, at any angle. Keeping all learners engaged is the hallmark of ActivPanel Touch. Crystal-clear visibility in virtually any lighting conditions and a wide viewing angle make every seat in the house a great one. Whether you’re in a classroom flooded with warm sunshine or one with no natural lighting, every student will be well placed to actively learn.

Exceptionally smooth and responsive interactivity is the norm whether you are writing, pinching, zooming or swiping the edge of the ActivPanel Touch screen. Using a stylus or finger, ActivPanel Touch offers a natural, precise handwriting experience. The multi-touch functionality brings Windows 7 and Windows 8’s tools to life at the swipe of your students’ fingertips. ActivPanel Touch is simple and intuitive for both pupils and teachers. Using technology to accomplish your long list of learning objectives has never been easier.

Promethean’s interactive flat panel is designed to meet the unique needs and demands of any classroom. Its long-lasting LED interactive touch screen, durable construction and comprehensive warranty ensure a long life of reliable service. While ActivPanel Touch works seamlessly with all Promethean solutions, it’s also flexible enough to complement most educational technologies.

Contact Cablers for the latest offers and some good advice on all classroom multimedia solutions.

Technology is only as good as the user

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Everyone knows a workman who blames his tools for a poor job is not a good workman.

(Unless its me and then its always the fault of the tools!)

The same logic can be applied to most of the education technology products we provide to schools. They are the tools that teachers use on a daily basis to deliver the best possible learning outcomes.

Sometimes when we start working with a school the existing technology is at fault but it does not stay that way for long. Once you audit a schools technology you can then quickly and easily prioritise the improvements to the network and equipment. Completely preparing you to stage and phase in the improvements over time. Everything hinges on budgets, so working to a plan will save a school considerable amounts of time and money over the course of a few years. A good plan instills confidence and allows a school the time to develop a diverse blend of IT tools and equipment that will work seamlessly together. They also help you avoid costly mistakes and poor purchasing decisions. We then work closely with head teacher’s and senior leadership team’s to instigate their plans and assist in delivering the schools IT vision.

Everthing’s in place

So lets assume that all the components are in place and you are living the dream because your schools IT vision has been realised. (Or at least some of it.) You have a great network which is fast and reliable, you have the software, computers, laptops and tablets available for staff and students, maybe you even allow users to bring their own devices (BYOD) to use on the school network. In pride of place on your class room wall will be an interactive white board or a large format LED touch screen, you might also have some interactive tables and of course i shouldn’t leave out visulisers and voting systems.

You have all the multimedia tools its possible to have at your disposal and some clever software to back it up which will help you share material and collaborate with your class. Your now ready to utilise them all and execute your most engaging lesson ever. But hold on, its never that easy for everyone Is it?

“A tool is only as good as its user” is a phrase you may have heard, this is never more applicable than when it comes to using interactive technologies for your teaching.

School’s are going to have a mix of teachers whose skill sets with technology are going to be at different levels. Some will be using all the tools at their disposal to deliver dynamic multimedia rich lessons while others will avoid getting the tablets out, or will only be using their interactive white board or LED touch screen for the basics and will never test the limits of the hardware. This is where you need to think about some training to get the most out of your IT investment and makes sure the technologies you have invested in are helping to deliver the best possible education for the students.

I don’t think anyone understands the value in training staff better than schools. To get the most out of any tool you need to be shown how to use it correctly. Once you know your way around a bit of software and understand how your hardware works you will be able to push it to its limits and reap the rewards.

We have a team of engineers at Cablers who have all benefited from an ongoing training program, although none of them will ever use an interactive display to teach with or design a lesson with the bundled software we still make sure that they know how to use it all. The same goes for all the other products and services we provide as well. As a company who understands the importance of wringing every ounce of usefulness from your education technology solutions we have developed and nurtured some fantastic relationships with many ICT consultants and training providers.

Depending on your needs we recommend that you arrange a tailor made on site training program, your staff will usually be able to learn by doing, its a real hands on approach where everyone has a go regardless of age and ability. Training will empower your staff with the necessary skills and confidence to use these teaching and learning systems as they were designed. It will make their lessons more engaging and fun whilst improving the overall learning experience for students.

The accredited trainers who work with you will make sure that every teacher leaves the course more motivated, confident, skilled and enthused than before. The beauty with a tailor made course is that it can be deigned and aimed at beginners, intermediate or advanced users and all will come away knowing far more than when they started.

Get much more from your IT investment and a better outcome for students by organizing some training. A quick poll of your teaching staff will highlight the areas where training will deliver the best results quickly for minimal investment.

What are you waiting for?

Use this link for more information about the types of on-site training Cablers can arrange for you

Alternatively contact us on 01787 221166 to discuss your training requirements.

Its your students who benefit most!

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