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Network cabling is the backbone of any network. Cablers Network & AV Solutions have been providing network services and network cabling installations for more years than we care to remember. The clue is in our name and in the words of another well known brand “We do exactly what it says on the tin.”  Although Cablers now also provide a huge range of other specialised services for customers across the Education, Building and Commercial sectors. Cablers have developed our skills and services alongside the infrastructure and technology we provide and install. Just as it has developed almost beyond recognition over the years so have we.

Despite the proliferation of wireless, network cabling is still the most essential element behind any reliable and robust data network. Cablers are also experts at providing wireless solutions and while wireless may be the wave of the future your wireless solution, shiny new tablets and laptops will rely on your cabling infrastructure to underpin them.

Your data network will need to be well planned and properly installed to ensure you have a fast, reliable and robust network capable of operating any device you choose to use on it.

waltham forest college Waltham Forest College

Cablers were recently contracted to provide the infrastructure for the data network in the new buildings at Waltham Forest College in London. Installing a new Cat 6 structured cabling network to coincide with their building program using the Connectix cabling system. Our lead engineer on the project Matt Inwood was kind enough to take some pictures of the work in the server room during the installation process and i thought they were worth sharing in a short blog.

photo 1                              photo 2

As a rule most people do not get to see the cabling that underpins their data network. You will get to see the network points presented nicely within dado trunking next to a desk or if you do frequent a server room you will see the cable looms as they are presented at the network enclosure or as they attach to the patch panels. Most of the work we do is hidden under floors, behind false walls and contained within trunking.

                                                                 photo 4

I think these pictures will give you some idea of the hidden work that enables you to use the technology you have at your disposal. All the cables in these pictures are low smoke zero halogen flame retardant, which is a bit of a mouth full or LSOH as we call them. They have been designed for internal installation on and under plaster, in cable ducts and conduits. These cables are specified by architect and building contractor and are ratified to very high standards which are imposed industry wide and across the globe which helps to guarantee conformity for data networks.  Once installed our engineers test them and provide warranty’s of up to 25 years depending on the manufacturer.

Now for the technical bit. We agreed to install over 900 Category 6,Connectix 4 pair UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) LSOH cables distributed from new communication cabinets via cable basket, cable tray and cable containment to every outlet position as supplied in the plans and they are designated as either data or voice outlets.  At each of the IT data termination points we supplied, installed and connected the cables to Connectix Category 6 RJ45 outlets.
The IT data termination points were connected to a Category 6, Connectix patch panels within communications cabinet. All of the  RJ45 outlets and Patch panel connections will have a printed labels fitted to them which clearly identify s each individual cable.  Each cable will be also be identified at each end by a laser printed Brady label and we of course ensure each cables outlet designation is also clearly identified.  During the planning process we needed to assess that all outlet positions would be within the requested maximum 90- metre length of cable runs from the relevant closet located network cabinets.
All Cat 6 installation works by Cablers are carried out to the relevant ANSI/EIA/TIA 568B, ISO 11801 and Connectix recommended installation practices.

   LSOH_cat6_utp_10gig_solid_lsoh_cable_hubbell_largeConnectix        Connectix Cat6


Specifications sheet for Connectix Cat 6

These cables are far more complicated than they at first look. Inside you will find a central core and four pairs of copper wires surrounding that core. Each pair of wires are themselves twisted differently which is essential to the way they work and how data is transferred through them.

                                                              photo 3

This is one of the reasons why we sweep cables rather than bending them, its not just because it makes the installation look better although i hope you agree it does look good considering it will remain hidden from view during the lifetime of the network. Our engineer s take a lot of pride delivering cabling that is installed as well as this on every project they are involved in.


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