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Last August we helped a local infant school take the plunge with a complete Apple network and a Google Apps Cloud solution. Cablers were very proud to have provisioned one of the first site wide Apple networks in an infant school in Essex.

With the need for a refresh of their IT network and infrastructure they school decided it was time to move away from a traditional static windows learning platform.

The schools vision was to decommission all of their interactive boards, projectors and their entire windows network over the summer and move to Apple and Cloud based services.

The solution Cablers put forward to the school incorporated an Apple Mac Server, staff MacBooks, 50 iPads and apple TV’s linked to 50″ Panasonic LED displays. A new Ruckus wireless system installed by Cablers only last year ensured the network would cope with the extra demands of a totally mobile network.

All of the staff have fully embraced the new way of teaching despite the huge changes to the way they work. It has been a pleasure to provision and watch the excitement as they received their demonstration from their team leader, demonstrating the iPads connected to the LED displays. During the demo there were 57 Apple devices connected to the wireless network within the classroom. The Ruckus managed wireless system load balanced these devices between 2 access points providing the users with a full speed connection to the network.

We have now completed the installation, providing the school with a fully managed Apple network, file sharing, storage and full integration with Google Apps for Education.

Almost twelve months on and i can report that the school are still loving and embracing their complete transition to an Apple network and we have been told that the  benefits are being felt throughout the school and across the curriculum every day of the week.

We are able to provide Apple and Cloud based solutions in all areas of Education. Whether you are looking for a complete transition or partial integration of new technology with your existing School network Cablers have a solution for you.

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