Student Laptops at Home

Laptops for Students at home

Sending school equipment home with students can be more complex than staff laptops for numerous reasons. I have tried to create a guide which may help with things you need to consider before sending laptops out from school.

Children laptops are normally controlled by the network and devices are likely to have certain policies and restrictions that will stop the laptops from being used outside of school premises.

If you decide to send home existing school laptops notify the IT support department or your IT support company and they can prepare the laptops and system settings before they go out.

If you decide to purchase new laptops or tablets, discuss the requirements with the IT department or your IT support company to ensure they are suitable for the needs and any software required can be deployed before they go off site.

Don’t forget the devices will need;

Appropriate software like access to Microsoft word.

Anti virus suitable for offsite deployment.

Configured for Windows updates automatically.

To be able to support remotely if there is an IT problem.

Other considerations will need to include;

Does the students home have broadband access?

Who will be responsible for safegaurding and filtering if it will be the Parents or Guardian they will need to sign over responsibility.

Identification of equipment, ensuring who has what and it is signed for and accountable.

Distribution of equipment? As a minimum you should complete  an acceptable use agreement and acknowledgement of acceptance of risk, any damage or failure to return would be unrecoverable by the school so thought should be taken for this.

Safe collection or delivery of product meeting social distancing rules.

If you would like to discuss anything call us on 01787221166 or email hello@cablers.co.uk



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