SMART Board Troubleshooting Checklist

The Ready Light is not lit, flashing green, or red.


Check the SMARTBoard USB cable to be sure it is connected to the computer. Check the SMARTBoard USB cable to be sure it is connected to the SMART Board. Check the SMARTBoard power lead is connected.

The SMARTBoard is not responding to touches or the pens.


Check the SMARTBoard ready light is green. Make sure the SMARTBoard software is running by checking to see if the SMARTBoard Icon appears in the right hand side of the task bar. If it is not there, restart the computer.

There is no image from the computer on the SMARTBoard.


Make sure your projector is plugged in and turned on.
Make sure the video cable to the projector is properly connected to your computer. Make sure the video cable is properly connected to the projector.

Cursor does not line up with your touches and lines drawn do not line up with pens.


Check if you are running the latest SMARTBoard software. You can use SMARTBoard tools facility in the menu’s to make sure you have recently updated your software.
Perform the orientation procedure by pressing both the keyboard and right click buttons on the SMARTBoard tray simultaneously.

The SMARTBoard needs cleaning.


Keep the board clean by having your students use a tennis ball or other soft object to wipe the board. Clean the board with whiteboard cleaning solution – be sure to apply the solution to a cloth or soft paper towel instead of spraying it directly on the board surface. You may also clean the board with a commercial glass cleaner (such as Windex)
You may also clean the board with a 10% solution of chlorine bleach.

To clean off a permanent marker – write over the permanent mark with a high-odor, dry-erase marker, then quickly wipe with a clean cloth or soft paper towel. Follow up with whiteboard cleaner.
DO NOT USE a Mr Clean Magic Eraser Pad.
DO NOT USE isopropyl alcohol.


If your SMARTBoard will not stay orientated even after following the re-orientation procedures or continues to act up don’t despair we can help you. Its not always case but your equipment may have unfortunately come to the end of its serviceable life. SmartBoards come with a 5 year warranty. (3 years on site / 2 years return to base) Depending on usage you should expect to replace them within 5 to 7 years. To check if your Smartboard is still within warranty you can call SMART Technical Services on 08450 724999. You will need to give them the serial numbers of the board/boards in question. Alternatively you can call us at Cablers and we can make some enquires for you. We can also talk you through the checks to make sure you are running the latest software version and share with you any fixes we have to some common faults. If you are not in warranty we will be able to asses the problems you are having and suggest some solutions. If absolutely necessary we can provide a quotation for new equipment and dispose of faulty equipment free of charge.


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