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Recently a school of ours was compromised by a third party. A ransomware attack had started… The hackers had entered the school through an email link that a teacher had clicked on whilst at home. As soon as the teacher returned to school, the ransomware downloaded onto the school network.

By investing in Cablers to support their IT, the school was in safe hands as we were able to stop the attack before it affected any of the schools systems and any damage was done. This school wasn’t lucky – it was well protected, we have been working with them for just over a year and they use our advanced anti ransomware protection.

Man at PC with alert signals coming out of the computer.

The National Cyber Security Centre have reported a huge increase in attacks on education this year and have updated their guidance on ‘Mitigating Malware and Ransomware’. As an IT support company we have also seen a massive rise in ransomware and fraud through phishing attacks and using the guidance from the NCSC we have created a checklist to help schools stay safe and secure.

If your school isn’t protected in this way we need to talk. Book a 15 minute call so we can discuss with you how to make sure your school is protected. There is no cost to this call and no obligation to buy anything.

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