Hall AV installation case study

Secondary School Hall AV solution

A secondary school in Essex were looking for a bespoke AV solution in their Hall. The issue was the only suitable position for the AV solution was next to a basketball net; so it needed to be fully protected from stray basketballs during PE lessons. After visiting a number of local schools to see how various suppliers had approached similar solutions, the school approached Cablers with a brief to design and install an Ultra short throw projector with a board and audio suitable for the room size and meeting the required protection issue.

Every Hall installation is different and requires a specialist company to conduct the work, some of the factors that need to be taken into account are;

  • Protection of projector
  • High level work
  • Maintenance access
  • Cable routes
  • Ease of operation

Our experience of designing AV solutions for halls, combined with our engineering background, meant we were able to produce a solution which took all of the above points into consideration.

Our in house design team created a cage suitable for protecting the projector from ball sports but without compromising the image. It was also designed with special cable routes to allow the cage to be removed from the wall for projector maintenance without the need to remove any of the cables.

All Cablers engineers trained and certified for working at heights and also qualified to construct a scaffold tower enabling us to install the cage and projector in a safe working environment.

Our engineers installed secure trunking routes for the HDMI and VGA cables to keep them within the recommended lengths. As part of the solution Cablers installed and configured a professional AV control device which provides a single control panel to control the projector and amplifier with the functions the school use on a day to day basis – so no more worrying about which remote control to use or losing the remote controls.


Hall projector cage designed and manufactured by Cablers