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Frustrated with Slow Internet

Are you fed up of waiting for web pages and content to load onto students computers?Unhappy teacher and girl using computer in class

Downloading the same files onto every students computer can overload your internet connection and slow down lesson delivery dramatically.




No More Waiting
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Web browsing dominates today’s Internet. More than two thirds of the traffic on the network is Internet traffic. In looking at how to improve the quality of service delivered by the Internet, a very productive way to start is examining the performance of Web transactions. It is here that Web caching can play a valuable role in improving service quality for a large range of Internet users.

Cablers onBoarder Web-Cache allows static web pages and images to be stored locally allowing users across the network to access the same resources with only a single download, increasing both productivity and lesson delivery.

Why Web-Cache

Web caching may seem like old technology but actually there can be more benefits for a Web-Cache today than you may think . 5 years ago even with just 2Mbps download speeds, there were less computers on the network and less users accessing the internet everyday. With the addition of Laptops, tablets and mobile phones onto the schools network there are more users per Mbps download than ever. Cablers onBoarder Web-Cache can offer the following advantages.

  • faster access to valid cached resources
  • saving on costly use of bandwidth
  • support preloading for fast delivery at given time
  • providing cached resources even when origin server is down

onBoarder Web-Cache runs on a NUC computer which is only 100mm square x 60mm high. It plugs straight into the network and with just a small change to the users proxy address it’s up and running.

onBoarder Web-Cache is available now for only £750.00 + VAT


For more information call 01787 221166 or email enquiries@cablers.co.uk

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