One Tool for BYOD deployment

Integrating a BYOD solution into a school can be a daunting and complex undertaking. Cablers onBoarder is a secure, high performance BYOD in a box solution with low cost of ownership. With onBoarder schools can have the confidence to embrace their BYOD deployment without major changes to their existing infrastructure.

Cablers BYOD in a box allows the school to pick the services they need for their BYOD solution including;

    • DHCP
    • DNS
    • NAT
    • Transparent services
    • Radius authentication
    • BYOD dashboard
    • Bonjour gateway services
    • NAC services

Network services

Client device network services are all delivered by onBoarder, no modifications to live or third party managed servers are required. IP ranges can be expanded and integrated into the existing network without complex modifications.
Local proxy services allow the school to host an upstream proxy without delivering proxy IP or port details to end users or having to deploy a single school wide wpad configuration.

Secure and simple

onBoarders Radius server connects to the schools active directory ensuring uncompromised network security and reducing IT administrators workload with its single point management and unique client onboarding management interface.

User and device management

Cablers BYOD dashboard instantly gives the network managers access to a range of statistics including logged in users, bandwidth hoggers, backbone and internet bandwidth use.

For more information call 01787 221166 or email enquiries@cablers.co.uk

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