Network cabling

The backbone of your network

Network cabling is the backbone of your network and can serve your school or office for 20 years. With the advance in wireless networks with AC phase 1 now readily available, IP cameras and digital signage becoming common components of a modern network, it is still the cabling infrastructure that connects all these devices.

Cablers expertise in both cabling, wireless and digital signage solutions mean we understand your network and can design and install a cabling solution that will be both reliable and offer the bandwidth necessary for the modern network.

Cablers network cabling services include:

  • Network point relocation
  • Full Cat 5e and Cat 6/6a installations
  • Server and wall mounted cabinets
  • Cabinet upgrades
  • 1 and 10 Gigabit Fibre optic backbones
  • Voice backbones


Network cabling


Cabling Solutions

Your data cabling could serve you for up to twenty years, longer than any other part of your network, yet it  accounts for a small proportion of your IT budget. Over this period the demands on your IT infrastructure will increase so you need to provide for growth and flexibility.

Once your cabling system is installed, changes can be disruptive and expensive so it’s essential to get it designed and installed correctly first time.

You can benefit from excellent value and service by asking for a project manager to survey your premises free of charge. We will respond quickly and you’ll get a professionally written design and proposal for a solution that meets your current needs and provides for your future growth. Three of our project managers have passed the BICSI RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) exam. We verifying designs against British Standards.

To match your budget and performance requirements, our portfolio includes cabling systems from a range of manufacturers. These can be Cat5e for Gigabit Ethernet or Cat6a for 10 Gigabit.


The fibre optic backbone is the heart of the network transferring data from the building distribution cabinets right to the core of the network so it is imperative that these connections are installed to the highest standard and offer the right bandwidth. Our engineers can install OM4 grade fibre to an extremely high standard with each fibre core being terminated with our fusion splicer to ensure the highest possible connection.


All of our installations are tested and certified using fluke networks testing appliances. Copper cabling is tested with our fluke DSP4000 cable tester for Cat 5e/Cat 6 or Cat 6a standards and the test documentation is saved and provided to the customer in electronic format.

For more information call 01787 221166 or email enquiries@cablers.co.uk