NEC Projector and Plasma Screen Service

NEC Projector and Plasma Screen – Service Line 01952 237004

When you call this number you will be connected to a NEC engineer. Let them know whether you are an educational establishment or a business. If you are a school then you will have a three year de-installation / re-installation warranty which you should have registered after your original installation.
You will need to give them the model and serial number of the faulty unit. Your serial number is normally located on the rear of the projector next to the power supply. They also suggest that you are with the unit when you call so they can work through some diagnostics with you. The engineer you are dealing with will arrange a solution to your problem.

Alternatively you can go to www.nec-display-solutions.com where you will need to select support from the banner across the top of the web page and follow the prompts.

Please note if you have security marked your NEC projector it will affect the warranty service available to you. Your de-installation / re-installation warranty will be downgraded to a repair and return service. If you would like further explanation about how this effects you please contact us at Cablers Ltd through our website support portal or you can ask your NEC engineer for clarification.

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