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Technology in the classroom has moved forward at great speed in the last few years; the traditional ICT Suite and class based PCs no longer meet all the needs of a modern school. Teaching in the classroom has evolved with children using a variety of different mobile devices and teachers making use of more online software solutions, making integration of all these devices and software platforms more complex.

Working with your school, Cablers IT Services will help design and implement a network specifically tailored to your schools needs using virtualised servers capable of managing a variety of devices over both traditional and cloud based platforms. We will also work with you to audit curriculum software and map this to the new computing curriculum.

Cablers offer IT support and onsite Technician Services for Schools in Essex and Suffolk.

Onsite Technican Services

Cablers IT Services offer a dedicated weekly or fortnightly onsite IT Technician in Essex and Suffolk to support your school with any issues on the curriculum network, assist with new software deployment and provide support for servers, PCs, printers and interactive whiteboards. We can also offer emergency response services as well as Support prior to or during OFSTED Inspections. All Cablers staff are fully DBS checked.

Support Services

Our standard support service includes;Unlimited telephone support, unlimited email support, online 24/7/365 ticketing system access 24/7/365 and critical onsite engineer response.

Dedicated Account Manager

We know how important consistency is; as an Cablers IT Services supported school you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will conduct regular visits throughout the school year to support the development of your short, medium and long term ICT strategy. They will able to assist with network development, Audio Visual solutions and things like managed wireless and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Specialist Solutions

Cablers have been researching and developing iPad solutions for use in education since the beginning of 2011. Over this period it’s become clear the possibilities and benefits from these devices are endless, giving us a blank canvas to work from.

So whats all the fuss about, why is the iPad beginning to play such an important part in our children’s education? There are endless possibilities available with the huge choice of high quality Apps available, providing teaching and learning tools for all subjects in our school curriculums.

Applications for Numeracy, Literacy, Sciences, Art and Music are plentiful and provide engaging ways of learning and teaching alike. The built in camera brings more possibilities in to play, giving teachers the ability to snapshot pupils work and share instantly with the class for discussion.

Apple provide a number of different ways in which iPads can be configured and managed, making it possible to control settings and restrict certain features and inappropriate content.

There are two models available, one of which involves a physical sync with the device. Managing profiles on these devices in this way provides a way for the school to configure wireless settings, proxy settings and restrictions on content and the ability to install applications. Although these profiles can be removed by the user, the result is also in the loss of internet connectivity and other network resources.

The most manageable solution involves a management server and provide all the benefits of the above method, but also enables these  profiles to be managed wirelessly. With large numbers of users this method simplifies the rollout of profile updates requiring very little physical intervention. This solution also provide a number of other features including private or public email, file storage and media sharing.

Empower staff to work with flexibility at a time, place and on a device that suits them. Cablers Remote worker solution is simple to use and secure.

  •  Allow use of students own devices (even smartphones) in the classroom
  • Allow staff to access school resources from home or anywhere with an internet connection
  • Provide secure remote access
  • Allow staff to access and update their teaching and admin files, at a time and place they choose

Access your school network

Transferring files between computers on home and school networks can prove to be a big issue for any school. With users finding it difficult to access, share and update files and Network Managers concerned about security.

Cablers Remote worker establishes a secure, easy to use connection from any device to your network over the internet. Staff are able to access resources at a time that suits them.

With Ranger Remote Control, teacher have full control over ICT in the Classroom or ICT Suite, allowing the teacher to monitor and control what pupils are doing.

share your screen with the whole class or an individual

  • record and replay sessions
  • exhibit student screens to the whole class
  • watch/share control/take entire control of students computers
  • transfer files between computers
  • chat with or message individuals/groups or the entire class
  • use speakers/microphones to communicate – ideal for remote technical staff to assist
  • open applications or files for students on their machines
  • immediately block access to/or lock all workstation
  • screen capture
  • scan through students computers in real time
  • set up approved and restricted websites and applications for the lesson
  • whiteboard facility which is fully interactive to the whole class

Increase classroom effectiveness & engagement

Teaching pupils whilst their in front of a screen can be very distracting. Ranger Remote Control is an easy to use, powerful classroom management tool that allows teachers to deliver fully interactive, engaging lessons, with the ability to provide full support whilst assessing pupil progress.

For more information call 01787 221166 or email enquiries@cablers.co.uk