Interactive Projectors.


Why Get Interactive Projectors?

Modern teaching practices rely increasingly on digital media to get results and keep learners engaged. Cablers are helping Schools and colleges benefit by providing well connected multimedia rich environments and interactivity that can be used across all subject areas.

An interactive projector provides an option that integrates the interactivity of a whiteboard into a projector, you could think of it as a virtual whiteboard.

With an interactive projector:

  • Students and teachers can write directly on the projected image using an interactive pen, finger or both with some of the more advanced models.
  • Students can interact with content using control gestures just like they do on their mobile devices.
  • Users interact with the projected content on nearly any flat, light-coloured surface. Some models allow interaction from a distance using pointing devices.
  • Teachers can face the class without the interference of a bright projector light shining in their eyes.

Installing a classroom multimedia hub such as an interactive whiteboard with projector or a new style flat panel LED interactive display could be beyond your budget. An interactive projector is a cost effective option that can fill any gaps you have with multimedia provisioning in the classroom. Reduced hardware and installation costs provide great savings which add up quickly and could save you hundreds or thousands of pounds.

If you do plan to project straight onto a wall or uneven surface you may not get the best image from your chosen unit. We wouldn’t recommend doing this unless the surface is perfect so treat yourselves to a matt white backing board and make sure you factor it into your costs. Another factor to consider is installation, these projection units are not quite the same as a standard projector and installations can be a bit more fiddly to ensure a perfect set up. It is recommended that you have them installed by certified technicians like Cablers.

Cablers have partnered with Epson, BenQ and Smart to offer a range of interactive projectors, perfect for every situation.

For more information contact our helpful education team.

Here are some video links for interactive projectors:
Epson EB -450WI
Smart LightRaise
BenQ demo Interactive Projectors at ISE2014 (Dual screen touch which is very clever)

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