Important information relating to your SMART Board Installation

Important information relating to your SMART Board Installation

To ensure you get the most out of your new SMART Board you will need to complete the following procedures after we have successfully installed your new equipment.

Register your SMART Board / Projector.
Download the latest versions of the SMART software.
Install or upgrade the latest versions of the SMART software to the allocated PC.

Activate your SMART software.

For an optional fixed cost of £30 at the point of install Cablers will ensure that all of the above procedures are carried out and we will also provide a 10 minute tour of the Notebook software with your staff.

For a retrospective visit please contact Cablers directly on 01787 221166

SMART product registration

Why register your SMART products?

Register your SMART products to take advantage of SMARTS extended warranty and free product offerings. Registration also makes it easier for technical support specialists to respond to your queries.

Register SMART products at: http://www.smarttech.com/us/Product+Registration  to enjoy the following benefits:

Extended warranty

If you have a SMART Board 600 or 800 series interactive whiteboard (SB640, SB680, SB690, SB880 or SB885 front projection models), you can extend the product warranty to 5 years by registering it within 2 years of purchase.

Check your warranty: http://www.smarttech.com/us/Support/Browse+Support/Warranty+Form

Projector Care Program

If you’ve purchased a SMART projector, on its own or as part of an interactive whiteboard system, register it now for the security of knowing it’s protected under SMARTS projector care program.

Product News

When you register your SMART software and hardware products, you can also sign up to receive important news, including product updates and upgrades.


Download free software and firmware updates and access free 30-day trials of select SMART products. For the latest software go to: http://www.smarttech.com/us/Support/Browse+Support/Download+Software

You will need to make sure that the computer allocated to the new SMART Board has the latest SMART Notebook software installed and that it is running it correctly.

Software activation and product key help

Need help with software activation or retrieving lost product keys? Use any of the tools accessed through this link below to help you with your needs,


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