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  • Limiting access to Teams meetings
    A number of our teachers have had instances of people joining their Teams lessons then disrupting them by playing music, making/playing odd noises, etc. These people are joining the Teams meetings wit …
  • Setting up Restricted access for students in YouTube
    Hi Any Google Admin/Youtube experts out there who could help me set up Restricted access for YouTube? YouTube is currently blocked for students in school. With remote learning and students in school c …
  • ANOTHER DfE Laptops "How Do You Do …It?" Thread (Pain/Sadness)
    Morning all, story time. So, I would count myself among the least imaginative in my solutions to this previously, but the DfE laptops we were given last year we just left "vanilla" and shipp …
  • Teams/SDS Rotated Classes
    So with the start of a new term (and the madness that has ensued with lockdown) we're still trying to run a 'normal' timetable and and as such the usual timetable rotations are going to …
  • How long to keep EXP archived teams?
    Just wanted to know what are peoples thoughts on keeping archived teams. Do you delete them after a year of being archived or keep them indefinitely?

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