Hall AV solutions

Hall Audio Visual Solutions

Halls can be the heart of any school or college. They’re used for assembly, teaching, dining, exams, sports, meetings and productions of all types. As such they need an audio visual solution that can cope with its multi-purpose use.

Cablers have extensive experience in creating custom multimedia and AV solutions for halls. We know that every school and college has different requirements making no two installations the same. Environments, layouts and the specific needs of your school can vary significantly; creating unique challenges to solve with every project that is undertaken.

Prior to designing a hall AV solution one of our AV specialists will conduct a site survey which takes many important factors into consideration before making our recommendations including:

  • End users specific criteria
  • Current hall usage
  • Building fabric and layout
  • Types of technology you wish to utilise
  • Lighting levels
  • Acoustics
  • Protection and housing of the proposed equipment
  • Cabling Routes
  • Electrical Connections

Working with Cablers you will also benefit from our long standing relationships with the industry’s leading AV manufacturers ensuring you have warranties to provide peace of mind and equipment that offers best value for money.

A well planned and executed hall AV installation can be put to use across all subject areas transforming your use of hall space and enhancing the learning experience through the use of multimedia.  A bespoke hall audio visual solution is a valuable addition to any school.

For more information call 01787 221166 or email enquiries@cablers.co.uk

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