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Yes we really are giving away a free Promethean V5 70″ Activpanel to one extremely lucky school, so dont miss your chance to take part in this one off promotion.

If your school is looking at upgrading to interactive screens, then book the Cablers IT team for an onsite demonstration of the Promethean V5 Activpanel.

Once the demonstration is carried out, your school will be automatically entered into a free prize draw at the end of January 2018.

Think how long it would take to raise enough funds to fit out a classroom with one of these amazing interactive screens designed to enhance the classroom viewing experience and interaction amongst students.

Book a demo of the Promethean V5 with the Cablers IT team and get your chance to win a free 70” Promethean V5 interactive screen free for your school.

With school budgets being squeezed year on year imagine how much your school could benefit from winning this classroom enhancing technology worth over £2,500.

Every demonstration carried between 1st November and 31st January 2018 will be entered into a free prize draw where the lucky winner will receive a free 70” Promethean interactive screen supplied and installed by the Cablers IT team into a classroom of your choice.

Entry is limited to just 100 schools so book now to ensure your school has a chance to benefit from this amazing opportunity.

If your school has less than 50% of current classrooms with an interactive screen and has not purchased a Promethean screen in the last 12 months then your school is eligble to apply.