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You can transform and enhance everything about your teaching experience just by choosing the right blend of interactive technologies for your classrooms, halls, playgrounds, and break out areas.  A well thought out mix of technology will deliver an Interactive classroom that provides you with the freedom to incorporate and share multimedia across many different platforms helping you deliver a richer learning experience for your students. There is no doubt educators consider multimedia as a great tool to improve student learning. Benefits of using multimedia in classroom include:

  • Empowering students to create and design rather than absorb representations created by others
  • Improving reflective thinking
  • Providing students with suitable learning resources according to their learning styles and abilities


Interactive technologies add depth to your teaching toolbox and augment traditional classroom instruction with a new style of learning that has been studied and proven to enhance academic performance, collaborative learning and team building.

The choice for multimedia classroom solutions have increased in the last few years from the traditional interactive whiteboard to a variety of interactive solutions which can lead to harder decisions about which solution is right for you. Cablers experience within this market enables us to work with your school choosing the right products for you.

Classroom Solutions

Touchscreens are now the standard replacement for a classroom interactive whiteboard and projector system. With lots of companies offering a range of screens choosing the right one can be difficult. The benefit’s of a Touchscreen include; lower running costs, up to 50,000 hours life expectancy and most importantly a much brighter crisper image with no shadowing.

Cablers have partnered with Promethean, Benq, and Smart to offer the best products built for the education market. These products mean you can upgrade your old whiteboards without having to retrain your teachers on new software or manage with little or no software features at all.

Interactive Whiteboards improves the way you teach, train and present information, whether to adults or children. It combines the look and feel of a regular whiteboard installation with the power of ICT so you can save and print notes, collaborate on electronic documents, share information and run multimedia materials.

Cablers are both Smartboard and Promethean partners which are the two most prevalent interactive whiteboard brands. Our trained and certified engineers can survey, design and install a specialist tailored solution to meet your exact requirements.

Our whiteboard installations are carried out using highest quality components, perfectly aligned, tested and demonstrated to the customer before being signed off.

After installation our certified trainers can train your staff to maximise the benefits of the investment ensuring your teaching or training is delivered to the highest standard.

Interactive projectors

Modern teaching practices rely increasingly on digital media to get results and keep learners engaged. Schools and colleges are benefiting from providing well connected multimedia rich environments and interactivity that can be used across all subject areas.

An interactive projector provides an option that integrates the interactivity of a whiteboard into a projector, you could think of it as a virtual whiteboard.

With an interactive projector:

  • Students and teachers can write directly on the projected image using an interactive pen, finger or both with some of the more advanced models.
  • Students can interact with content using control gestures just like they do on their mobile devices.
  • Users interact with the projected content from up to 30 feet away on nearly any flat, light-coloured surface.
  • Teachers can face the class without the interference of a bright projector light shining in their eyes.

Installing a classroom multimedia hub such as an interactive whiteboard with projector or a new style flat panel LED interactive display could be beyond your budget.  An interactive projector is a cost effective option that can fill any gaps you have with multimedia provisioning in the classroom. Reduced hardware and installation costs provide great savings which add up quickly and could save you hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Cablers have partnered with Epson, BenQ and Smart to offer a range of interactive projectors, perfect for every situation.

Cablers offer much more than just networks and have been working closely with Primary schools to deliver a complete classroom solution for tablets and iPads. Teachers can present on the interactive whiteboard or LED touchscreen and students can watch, make notes and save the presentation on their devices. Students can also access their documents, present to the whiteboard or Led touchscreen, create word and excel documents and save their documents even from the iPad.
Cablers iPad management solution enables schools to manage the configuration, settings and applications with a simple web interface.

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