Bring Your Own Device

Bring your Own Device (or BYOD) is a relatively new idea to the education sector but has become increasingly popular in the business world over the past few years. The idea is to allow students to bring their own devices such as smart phones, tablets or even laptops into school to use within lessons to access the school network and other learning resources. With more and more students having access to such devices, BYOD could be a great way of further engaging with students within a lesson.

The benefits of a BYOD Scheme are:

  • Cost effective way of increasing the schools device to pupil ratios
  • Students are keen to use the devices they are familiar with to complete/partake in school work
  • Eases the pressure the schools shared classroom ICT resources
  • Increases the range of functions available to students, such as lesson interaction, via text collaboration or in class voting


Within lessons students would be able to collaborate with the teacher’s presentations using embedded tools within Smart Notebook 2014® such as XC-Collaboration or Smart Response VE, enabling them to answer questions, add photos or diagrams in real time using their own devices that they are comfortable with.

If your school already has an Office 365 and OVS EES agreements in place then you’ll be able to offer student’s free versions of Office to use on their devices, further expanding the possibilities of the scheme.

However, there are a number of things to think about before going live with a BYOD Solution:

  • Separating traffic across your network
  • Ensuring smooth integration without the need for proxy settings input from students or your IT Department
  • Internet security for the students
  • Security of the school network – risk of
  • Risk of viruses from student devices

The main question to ask is; “Will our network infrastructure be able to support the introduction of BYOD?”

At Cablers, we can support your schools BYOD project from beginning to end. We offer a network audit to assess the existing infrastructure and wireless provision across the site. Following this we can advise on VLANs and Switch configuration (without necessarily needing to replace all the schools switches to Layer3). Our BYOD in a box solution delivers separated VLANs for staff and student BYOD traffic allowing differentiated internet access. Using our unique onBoarder solution we can also configure your network to allow devices to transparently connect to an upstream proxy server to ensure smooth authentication with no device configuration.

We can also deliver training on the BYOD solution and collaboration tools for staff to ensure the school and students get the most from the scheme, as well as ongoing support.

For more information call 01787 221166 or email enquiries@cablers.co.uk

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