After our last blog; looking at the considerations you need to apply before you purchase an interactive touchscreen for the classroom, we will now look at three leading brands which offer a range of benefits.

One thing to bear in mind with all screens is the type of warranty provided.  Ideally a manufacturer, on-site de-installation re-installation warranty, which is at least 3 years, but preferably 5 years long as this is a big investment for any institution, and you want to make sure that investment is protected.

With regard to software – look at what is provided by each manufacturer, but bear in mind, most Microsoft applications now have good interactive touchscreen tools.

Also, look at what you have already, migrating to a different software, with a different board, may not suit your staff and your current working parameters.  Calculate how much re-training staff to use a new software will cost, along with your other considerations.



Every school knows the name Smart, it is almost an institution in interactive products within schools, At some point in a teachers career it is almost certain they will have taught a class using a Smart product and will be familiar with the Smart software suite.

Smart provide a range of boards; from the budget MX series to the professional 6000 and 7000 series’, Smart Board.  Smart Tech utilise a proprietary software with a yearly cost per operator (included for the first year), or a ‘lite’ version which is free giving you flexibility with cost management. 

On first view the screens offer very similar solutions, however the software and flexibility of the 6000 and 7000 series’, offer much more with regards to speaker quality, software availability, sensitivity of the screen, various hardware and inputs/outputs.

Screen sizes throughout their ranges are 65”,75” and 86”.

If you don’t want the unit wall mounted, you will need to purchase a stand – so bear this in mind when pricing up (and some units may not come with a wall mount bracket).

My two personal wins for these boards – the 5 year warranty – this is a huge investment for any school or organisation, you want to make sure that there is some insurance to that investment. Secondly, with the added management tool, schools can send messages to the screens. This is vitally important with new guidance likely to be coming from the Government within the next few years in relation to dealing with an intruder in the school and a ‘Lockdown Process’ needing to be activated.  Using a simple messaging system on the screens, every class can be notified in seconds, and ‘Lockdown’ procedure followed. 

Note: Lots of schools who purchase non-Smart products are still using the Smart Notebook 11 software that they used with their old interactive boards. There are two problems with this firstly: this is not legal and Smart do not allow un-licensed use of their software on other products no matter what other screen manufacturers tell you. Secondly Microsoft systems are now not supporting the old Smart Notebook 11 software so upgrading to the new version is going to cost additional money if you purchase a different product so get quotes on using Smart with non Smart products before you price up alternatives.

My personal opinion is – if the school use Smart software and changing the software used for lessons is unachievable then Smart screens are the best option as the teachers can keep using the software they are comfortable with, combined with hardware it is designed for.

ScreenMax SizeMax TouchpointsSpeakersAnti Glare GlassProprietary Software  DisplayWarranty
Smart Board MX Series86”20 – Windows and Mac
10 – Chrome OS
2 15w inbuiltYesYes
(and Lite vers.)
4k Ultra HD  5 years
Smart Board 600086”162 20w inbuiltYesYes (and Lite vers.)4k Ultra HD5 years  

For the full comparison of Smart Board display screen visit: www.smarttech.com/en/products/education-displays/compare


Titanium, Cobalt and Nickel, robust and strong sounding names for a useful all-rounder screen.

If a school didn’t have a Smart interactive board then chances are the school had a Promethean one. These boards would go on forever and many Promethean interactive boards are still in use. Slightly late to the touch-screen market, this hasn’t stopped them developing their technology and the tables in the market saturation race have turned slightly. Promethean are now leading the way in interactive technology, they were purchased by Net Dragon, a Chinese software house a few years ago, benefitting from the incumbent resident UK team who, using their market knowledge to are really pushing the brand forward.

Designed for the classroom specifically, the Promethean Interactive Screens provide their proprietary software free of charge enabling you to use all of the elements of the board without continued payment.  However, Schools who have Smart software can import the lesson into Prometheans’ Active Inspire software so continuity in teaching is not jeopardised.

There is an add-on purchase for the screens –  the Chrome box, which provides access to Google Play Store and all associated apps. This would be another consideration in the cost as a bolt on if you need that functionality. 

My two wins – the fact that the software is included, you therefore get what you pay for, without any hidden costs.  Secondly these screens add huge value with the integrated features, the mirroring feature is the best I have used and being able to download apps to dynamically change the way teachers teach is a huge advantage.

The Promethean screen is in my opinion the best hardware for your money and with the backing of Net Dragon, investment into these screens is going to continue even within a recessed market.

ScreenMax SizeMax TouchpointsSpeakersAnti Glare GlassProprietary Software  DisplayWarranty
Titanium86”202YesYes – but free4k Ultra HD5 years
Cobalt65”202YesYes – but free4k Ultra HD5 years
Nickel86”152YesYes – but free4k Ultra HD5 years

For more information on the screens, visit www.prometheanworld.com, sadly there isn’t a comparison chart, but very detailed tech sheets that you can flit between.


Iiyma was formed in 1973 making components for TV monitors and have created niche markets for their speciality monitors and screens throughout their history. It is no surprise then that the Iiyama interactive touchscreens are a good reliable proposition certainly when compared to other budget brands.

My two wins for this manufacturer are: Most budget brands are offering 3 year warranties for their screens, probably due to the use of cheaper components to be able to be competitive in the lower end market. Iiyama however use their expertise and manufacturing scale to deliver a great product with a 5 year warranty.  The second is their website – easy to use tick boxes to select the screen (size, add-ons etc) you are looking for without having to trawl through pages of information.  You can then just look at those which are relevant to your needs.

ScreenMax SizeMax TouchpointsSpeakersAnti Glare GlassProprietary Software  DisplayWarranty
ProLite TE9803MIS98”202 x 12WYesYes- free4k Ultra HD5 years
ProLite TE80603MIS86”202 x 10WYesYes- free4k Ultra HD5 years
ProLite TE7503MIS75”202 x 10WYesYes – free4k Ultra HD5 years

For the full comparison of Iiyama screens visit: www.iiyama.com, use the tickbox menu to shortlist your selection, then you can create a comparison chart of your chosen few.

Sue Kenneally

Cablers Ltd

Interactive touchscreens in the classroom – How do you select them?

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Blackboards were the thing in the 18oo’s invented by James Pillans headmaster of The Old High School in Edinburgh.

Whiteboards then took over 1980’s allowing ease of use and no more chalk dust (or dusters thrown down the classroom…).

Interactive whiteboards soon followed up saturating the market in the early 2000’s, now being replaced by interactive touchscreens, allowing more synergy with the computers in the classrooms, making interactive learning a real thing.  They also negate the need for overhead projectors, or holding a laptop up at the front of the class to show what you have been doing.

So how do you choose what is best for your classroom? 


Most school classrooms will work well with 65”, however, screens can go up to 98”.  Depending on your need, you can opt for the larger screens, for example; in a an auditorium, or conference room, and then use the smaller sized screens within a class setting.

The screen needs to sit comfortably into the setting, allowing the children at the back of the class to clearly see text (use text of about 20pt when creating display content) whilst the ones at the front aren’t being mesmerised by large images and giant words. 

To make the best choice, it is a good idea to get a demonstration in your classroom of your preferred screen size prior to purchase.

Screen Resolution…

An important consideration, if you are using the screen in the foyer of your school, running welcome videos, with minimum actual physical interaction, then a smaller, high definition screen would be best, however, in the classroom, when you are going to be using it for writing, presenting and general interactive use, the board needs to be practical but nothing less than High Definition 1080P.

Lots of the interactive screens now come with 4K technology (Ultra High Definition) more content for 4K is available all the time however be aware that each 4k video requires a recommended 20Mbps internet speed so make sure your internet provision can handle the additional load.

Touchy Feely stuff…

The point of the interactive touchscreen is the ability to touch it, to use it, to have multiple pupils write on it (even at the same time), to link it to your IT products (laptops, tablets, desktops).  How do you know if the screen you want can do what you need it to do?  Do you need the children and the teacher to be able to swipe and draw with their finger tips or use a pen stylus to create a realistic writing environment or would a mixture of both be best?  Screens such as Promethean ActivPanels allow a mixture of ways to interact; palm swiping, stylus, fingertips and so on, so that the teacher is able to use their own style and technique, and also allows for multiple pupil collaboration.

The benefits of looking into this part closely, is to ensure expectations of the teaching staff are met.  For example, some screens may not have accurate multi-touch facilities, causing frustration and then a reduction in use.  Ensure that children can use them for free-flow handwriting, with a stylus, but just as responsive if ticking boxes with a fingertip is all that is required.  Tip: Look into screens that offer both infrared and in glass touch for multi-touch functionality.

Using a screen with anti-reflective glass is of great benefit, as it will reduce eye strain, reduce reflection and glare of both natural and indoor lighting. 

Check your Inputs and Outputs…

What do you need to connect to your interactive touchscreen?  Are you running a laptop, a static PC, or are you needing to download from the Cloud.  Does your touchscreen have enough HDMI ports for your use (does your laptop have HDMI capability?)? How many USB ports do you need, do you need to be connected to the internet?  If you use a visualiser, you are more than likely going to need a VGA connection.  Talk through with your IT support team how you want to use the interactive touchscreen and ask them for recommendations so that you get the best solution for your needs.

Sound Effects…

Would you use your interactive touchscreen to play sound?  Maybe teaching the classroom a song, or wanting to show an educational video.  The sound reproduction is often overlooked, relying on the inbuilt speakers (if they are available) on the screen.  Double check what is available, and if the sound can be heard around the classroom.  If not, an external sound bar may be needed.

The Supporting Side…

Using a contracted IT support team such as Cablers, you know that if there are any problems with your interactive touchscreen, they are there ready to help.  However, you will need to look at your warranty, and service agreements as well, to ensure you are covered for any eventuality.  Making sure that you choose a service agreement that covers for malfunctions, provides a loan screen if the one you have is out of action, and can help re-install a new machine if the worst scenario happens.

Select a product with a 5 years support warranty, ensure that your investment is insured against manufacturer faults,  also, a deinstallation/reinstallation warranty will make sure that the screen can be taken away and re-installed for you at no additional cost, if there is a malfunction.

For impartial and obligation free information, please drop us a line so that we can help in your decision-making process.  Our next blog will look at our top interactive screens, which will hopefully give you all the information you need to update your classrooms to the best they can be.

Finally – Training, Training, Training.

After all the investment in time and money selecting the right screens for your school, it is vital that the personnel that are using the interactive touchscreens know how to use them effectively.  A small amount of time spent training your staff, can reap great benefits in the use of the product and the uptake within lesson time.

Sue Kenneally

Cablers Ltd

SMART – BENQ – EPSON – NEC – ROTH – PROMETHEAN – Warranty Procedures for 2015

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Vendor Warranty Information

Cablers are fully committed to our customers, and we believe this commitment should not stop once the sale has been made.

Cablers have a warranty agreements with all of our vendors, providing our customers with peace of mind when purchasing any item from us. As a reseller, the vendor warranties give Cablers the opportunity to offer our customers reassurances and guarantees that, should there be a technical issue with their purchase, there is an official support procedure to rectify the problem.


Cablers also have our own team of support staff and a dedicated support portal which can be accessed here: http://support.cablers.co.uk/ Or by emailing us at: support@cablers.co.uk

Support portal

Through the Cablers support portal you can register any fault and track its progress until it has been rectified to your satisfaction. Cablers will of course do all that we can to help you pursue your in warranty claims but we are also here to help assist with your out of warranty products too and we have a team of trained and fully qualified engineers and technicians available for on-site call outs to assist with all your audio visual and IT related issues.

Below you will find some helpful contact details to assist you with any warranty claim you may need to make. If the manufacturer you need is not listed please contact our customer service team on: 01787 221166 or email support@cablers.co.uk and we will provide you with the details you require.




 SMART Warranty      Smart extraordinary made simple Steljes technology with purpose

An excellent range of SMART warranties are available through Steljes

SMART provides a return-to-base warranty but with the Steljes warranty services, you gain the advantage of a free upgrade to an onsite warranty.

Please contact the Steljes warranty support team who will be able to assist you with any queries on 08450 747007 or alternatively email: warranty@steljes.co.uk

Contact Steljes About Your SMART Warranty
Their expert team are happy to help. Just pick up the phone

Steljes support helplines are open between 9am–5.30pm Monday-Friday (excluding holidays).

Please have the serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Steljes can assist with your warranty claim.

Education: 08450 724999
Corporate: 08450 724888
From Ireland: +353 (0) 1 6464000

BenQ Warranty    Benq logo

BenQ provide a 3 year onsite warranty for their projectors and interactive Flat Panels.

Please contact Steljes regarding faulty products on 08450 724999 or email service@steljes.co.uk

 Please have the serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Steljes can assist with your warranty claim.



Epson Warranty          Epson logo

Please contact Epson regarding faulty products on 0871 4237766

Please have the model and serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Epson can assist with your warranty claim.


 NEC Warranty     NEC logo

Please contact NEC regarding faulty products on 0870 120 1160 or email the team on ukcrtlcd@emea.nec.com

Please have the model and serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure NEC can assist with your warranty claim.

Roth Warranty      Roth logo

Roth provides a 3 year return to base warranty

​Please contact Roth AV Ltd regarding faulty products on 01753 682782 or email: support@rothaudio.co.uk

Please have the model and serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Roth can assist with your warranty claim.

VIVIDtouch Warranty               Vividtouch logo

All VIVIDtouch interactive flat panels are covered by a ​5 year onsite warranty as standard

Please contact Steljes regarding VIVIDtouch faulty products on 08450 724999 or service@steljes.co.uk

Please have the model and serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Steljes can assist with your warranty claim.

HITACHI Warranty      Hitachi logo

Hitachi provide a 3 year de/re-install hardware warranty, as well as a lamp warranty.

Please contact Hitachi regarding faulty products on 01684 290000 or email the team on: Service.admin@equinox.co.uk

Please have the model and serial number of the product when you call or email  to ensure Equinox can assist with your warranty claim.

Promethean Standard Warranty & ActivCare      Promethean logo

Promethean offers two warranty options, including:

ActivCare Standard Warranty: Their basic warranty offering, automatically provided for all Promethean products
ActivCare+: Their Premium purchasable warranty extensions and enhancements available for registered Promethean products

Technical Support Number  0844 249 2077

Open: 08:30 – 17:30

ActivCare Standard Warranty

The Standard Warranty is a basic warranty offering, automatically provided for all non-registered Promethean products.

Promethean hardware products should be registered to obtain a certificate and upgrade to on-site warranty.  Registration starts the warranty from the date of installation and lets you take advantage of toll free telephone numbers.  Registration must take place through Promethean’s Registration Portal within 90 days of the date of installation or set up.

In order to provide quality support, Prometheans Customer Support team will need the product serial number and/or the proof of purchase. They offer free online support through their Knowledgebase, as well as access to telephone support charged at a national call rate (where geographically available).

Please note:

Priority support lines are available for holders of registered products. Please refer to your ActivCare warranty documentation for access details.

Email support will be available throughout by visiting www.prometheankb.com and completing the “Contact Us” form.

The Standard Hardware ActivCare Warranty accompanies all products shipped from Promethean.

To see all Cablers products and services
visit our website cablers.co.uk


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Free Apple TV March Madness Offer From Cablers

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Cablers logo


March Madness Offers From Cablers


BenQ screen

FREE APPLE TV* with every BenQ interactive screen

ordered between now and 31st March

Display your iPad, iPhone or iPod onto the

BenQ screen with this special March offer


RP551+ 55″ NOW £1,845.00 Save £100.00

RP651+ 65″ NOW £2,570.00 Save £150.00

RP700+ 70″ NOW £2,825.00 Save £150.00

RP790+ 79″ NOW £3,545.00 Save £175.00


Installation from £250.00 per unit

The BenQ RP Series of screens from Cablers come with SMART Notebook software,

a wall mount and 3 year onsite warranty.

Apple TV

Click here to find out more detail on the BenQ Screen


Roth Sub Zero


Add a Roth Sub Zero II 60 Watt Soundbar for only £119.00

Contact us now on 01787 221166 for more details

Please quote offer MMAppleTV

*Apple TV is supply and installation only,

configuration onto the network is not included


Not looking to move to interactive screens yet?


Replacement projector BenQ MX570

was £525.00 NOW £425.00** installed.

The BenQ MX570 is the ideal classroom projector replacement and comes with

a 5 year de-install/re-install and 3 year manufacturer warranty.

BenQ Projector

Click here to order your BenQ Projector and book an install

All prices quoted include delivery and are exclusive of VAT


Contact us now on 01787 221166 for more details

Please quote offer MMBenQMX570


** Price is subject to existing projector having a universal mount and

a throw ratio between 1.5 – 1.97/1. Access to classroom must be available within normal working hours.


To see all Cablers products and services
visit our website cablers.co.uk


Cablers Ltd
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BenQ teachin

BenQ Touch Screens are versatile interactive classroom displays and the Education Team at Cablers have taken a liking to full range of interactive touchscreens offered by BenQ. They are not the only type of screen we supply and  install. Cablers engineers are busy everyday in schools across the south east providing network services and installing audio visual equipment including screens supplied by many manufactures but the BenQ interactive touch screen has forced its way to the top of the pile. It provides schools with a versatile classroom display that is technically advanced, robust and reliable, aesthetically pleasing and excellent value for money even without the Special offer that is currently available or the class leading software that comes included as standard.
If you looking for a touch screen that fits into a classroom environment perfectly which will allow pupils to experience real time collaboration and facilitates the ability for them to contribute to lessons through their own mobile devices from anywhere in the room or directly via the touch screen. A classroom display that supports Windows, MAC, Linux and Chrome operating systems. An interactive display that includes a number of effective learning tools and comes bundled with  SMART Notebook Advantage software for whiteboard applications and lesson building. A screen that has all of the connections you will need to support new and legacy equipment and one which delivers a first class user experience then you should seriously consider a BenQ interactive display.

Cablers Pricing & Offer details for BenQ interactive screens

BenQ RP700+ aBenQ screens come in three sizes 55″(RP551+) 65″(RP650+) 70″(RP700+)

This is why the BenQ RP700+ is top of the class

Easy to use and easy on the eye with BenQ Eye-care™ interactive displays, the BenQ RP700+ delivers a 70” classroom interaction solution enhanced by BYOD support.

BenQ Blue light image - Copy        

Low Blue Light Technology

The interactive flat panels are built with BenQ’s Low Blue Light Technology to reduce harmful blue spectrum light emission, which causes eyestrain, eye fatigue and even mascular degeneration. The Low Blue Light technology features the Classroom mode that combats the possible side effects associated with blue light in every usage occasion.

    AG(Anti-Glare) Glass

The screen’s anti-glare glass reduces reflection, for more legible text and clearer images, helping students avoid eyestrain and facilitating more effective instruction. The picture on the left shows AG glass which minimizes interfering glare on the screen surface. The picture on the right shows how conventional glass is prone to suffer from irritating glare that is not very friendly on the eye.

BenQ rp700plus_Anti_Glare fish 1BenQ rp700plus_Anti_Glare_c Fish Bad







Ambient Light Sensor               BenQ sensor_tl650

Automatic brightness adjustment ensures the best viewing experience regardless of ambient light levels, while protecting the eyes and reducing power consumption by up to 50%.


MDA Software

Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) saves time and effort by providing remote management of BenQ Interactive Flat Panel MDA also supports remote shutdowns of equipment not in use, saving significant power costs.

BenQ mda_rp700plus

BenQ front_rp700plusFront Bezel Hot Key Design

Hotkeys are incorporated on the front bezel for quick and easy access to Freeze and Blank features as well as volume and input source control.

BenQ quick_rp700plusQuick Access on Remote Control

The Freeze and Blank features are built as hotkeys on the remote control for easy access to support classroom instruction and presentation efficiency.



 Multi-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with major operating systems from Windows to Mac, Linux and Chrome, the interactive flat panels are built to work seamlessly with a wide range of computing and mobile devices with a simple plug and play.

BenQ multi_rp700plus

BenQ touch_rp700plus

Multi-PC Touch Support

With three USB ports, one set on the front bezel for easy access, the interactive flat panels support up to three computing devices.


DisplayNote Software        display-note-bog-v2 training

The DisplayNote software is a cross platform solution that facilitates real-time collaboration across multiple computing and smart devices, enabling everyone to stream content and contribute to the presentation. The Wireless Desktop Control feature further allows teachers to mirror and wirelessly control their PC from anywhere in class, freeing them from traditional lecture style teaching.

    BenQ ez_rp700plus

         EZCast Software

The EZCast software features WiFi Display that projects diverse digital content from computers and smart devices as well as your cloud storage via WiFi. Its Quad Split Screen feature supports cross-platform split-screen display from up to four input sources. As a result, teachers and students are able to share and interact freely.

                                                               SMART Notebook Software  SmartNotebook banner2

Choose the option that includes the SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software, which sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive activities within a single application. SMART’s award-winning Notebook software will give you access to a rich set of activity creation and delivery features with exciting ready-made content, tools and support for you to use in your classroom

Smart Notebook banner1


Key Features of BenQ RP700+ 70” Interactive Touchscreen Anti Glare LED Display

· Chromebook compatibility
· Anti Glare Display
· Interactive Touch Technology
· 70” Diagonal Screen
· High Definition and Optimal Resolution (Full HD 1080p – 1920 x 1280)
· 16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio
· 4000:1 High Contrast Ratio
· In-built amplifier and speakers (12W)
· I/O Connections: 3 x HDMI, 3 x USB, 1 x Power (AC) Input, 1 x Power (AC) Output, 2 x Line-in,
  2 x Composite Video (BNC) In, 1 x Composite Video (BNC) Out, 2 x   15W Built-in Speakers, 1 x RS232 In, 1 x S-Video In,
  2 x Component  In,1 x    Microphone-in (¼’), 1 x AC Power Switch
· Dimensions (W x H x D): 1645.1 x 971.8 x 123.5mm
· Weight: 72kg
· 3 Year On-Site UK Mainland Warranty





Cablers have been providing Education Technology solutions to schools and colleges for more than 15 years. In that time we have developed deep understanding of how schools operate. How they want to use and integrate technology into the curriculum and we also have knack for picking out products in the market place that deliver fantastic value and tick all the boxes that educational establishments have to check off before they commit to a purchase.

Contact the education team at Cablers for advice on the educational technology that will transform your classrooms and teaching practices

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LearnPad Promotion

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Learnpad logo



***New for the 2014 Curriculum ***

The LearnPad team have been busy creating 103 NEW Primary Lesson Profiles for teachers to use with their pupils.         Covering everything from The Stone Age, Yr6 Algebra and Yr3 Computing to KS1 Geography and KS2 English.
They have also created a free poster with some  favourite 2014 lesson profiles and a free 2014 curriculum booklet containing all 103 lesson profiles

Its a useful tool that should save teachers valuable time. For quick and easy access to the Profiles, it’s just a simple scan of the QrKeys on the poster and booklet using the LearnPad.

Your schools can order a free poster by filling in this order form.

Teachers can find all of the 2014 Curriculum resources here. 

Learn Pad curruculem 2014


***Customer Offers***

Learn Pad Refer a friend

We are asking LearnPad user schools to refer new schools to us that may be interested in purchasing LearnPads.

Just contact Cablers and we will do the rest for you.

                       If the schools that are referred to us go on to purchase a class set of 30 or more tablets, the school which did the referring will receive a Free Octavo when the referred school has placed their order and subsequently made payment.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Learn Pad £100

FREE £100 Content Voucher

Any school that has
previously ordered 10 or more tablets and now wishes to place an order
for a class set of 30 or more will receive a free £100 content voucher
code that they can retrieve against any premium content in the LearnPad

Talk to our Education team to find out more.

The closing date on these campaigns is December 31st, 2014.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Visit the Learnpad website for information on the latest product lineup.

Learnpad website


Or watch this short video which explains why Learnpad is Made for the classroom…

Not adapted to it !

Learnpad video
Watch LearnPad’s 60-second video showing why LearnPad is the award-winning classroom tablet solution that is rapidly becoming the number one choice for teachers worldwide.


Cablers Network & AV Solutions  have teamed up with some of the best independent trainers in the country to offer accredited high quality on-site training for your school

Book in a Twilight session or a Full / Half day training session for Promethean Activinspire , Smart Notebook , DisplayNote or Onelan to get the most out of your existing hardware/sofware investment and make your lessons more fun and engaging. Its your students who benefit most of all.

“Technology is only as good as the user.”

Depending on your needs we can arrange a tailor made on site training program, your staff will be able to learn by doing, its usually a real hands on approach where everyone has a go regardless of age and ability. Training will empower your staff with the necessary skills and confidence to use these teaching and learning systems as they were designed. It will make their lessons more engaging and fun whilst improving the overall learning experience for students.

The accredited trainers that work with you will make sure that every teacher leaves the course more motivated, confident, skilled and enthused than before. The beauty with a tailor made course is that it can be deigned and aimed at beginners, intermediate or advanced users and all will come away knowing far more than when they started.

Contact Cablers to discuss your training requirements.


Promethean training

Get the most from your Promethaen products. Learn how to utilise Activinspire, Prometheans award winning software. With instant access to a multitude of rich resources and content, such as images, videos, sounds, templates and gesture touch applications that make presentation development and delivery easy for today’s technology driven lessons.

 Smart-Notebook Advantage-big

SMART Notebook software connects you to a full ecosystem of content; tools and support to help you create high-impact lessons that bring learning to life. A powerful and easy-to-use application, SMART Notebook software enables you to easily design and  deliver interactive lessons that create more extraordinary learning moments for your students. See how much more you can do when you use some of the many bolt on products Smart offer such as the

Smart Classroom suite interactive learning software.  Smart training



display-note-bog-v2 training

This is a highly flexible collaborative software solution that works with any device on any platform. Designed for the next generation of interactive learning and presenting. DisplayNote transforms presentations for teachers and students. Use it to present wirelessly with a tablet and mirror your screen to your classroom interactive display and to every students device. Students can capture your slides on their devices, make changes and then share and collaborate with each other in real time. At all times the presenter/teacher stays in control.

 Onelan training

 Onelan Digital Signage provides tools to effectively targets messages direct to your audience.

        Here are a few things you can do with it:

  • Display news and details of campus events
  • Instantly convey emergency messages
  • Provide sports updates
  • Highlight important events
  • Assist navigation for students and visitors
  • Allow instant registration for clubs and activities

With our onsite training you will be looking for excuses to change your display on a daily basis.

Contact the education team at Cablers for advice on training for your staff so that you get more from your investment in new technology.

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One Socket for USB & Power

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Are you fed up with never being able to find your phone charger?

Are  you running out of sockets for all your gadgets?

This is a very clever yet simple and cost effective solution to your problem.

group gear usb a

Midlands-based Group Gear are selling a power socket face plate complete with two UK 3-pin sockets, as well as two built-in USB ports and they are not the only ones. A quick Google search will throw up lots of choices for you to consider with various connectivity choices, colours and style options to choose from.

The  USB & plug socket face plate pictured here is from Group Gear and features two standard plugs,  two USB ports and it will fit onto any back box with a minimum depth of 25mm making it perfect for retro fitting to your existing sockets.

Cablers Network & AV Solutions spend a lot of time installing data and electrics for schools and businesses throughout the South East and we can really see the value in upgrading some of your existing sockets to incorporate these handy USB ports. It  means you can charge your smartphone, tablet, camera and pretty much anything else that gets its power via USB. All without the need for another adapter essentially freeing up your mains sockets for other things.

Group Gears rather clever 2 Amp Intelligent Split Power Supply gives a superior charging rate over many standard USB charging options. Rather than limiting the individual USB ports to half the overall allowance per port which results in much slower charging times, the Group Gear USB charging plate has the potential to power up to 2 Amps from one single port giving you faster charging when required. However each port will only pull the required power for your device and will deliver  an optimum charging rate.

The 2 Amp combined USB ports are powerful enough to quickly charge a single smartphone, it can swiftly charge two smartphones or similar devices together or even charge a tablet and laptop with ease. The sockets are of course surge protected ensuring your valuable equipment is saved from damaging power spikes and fluctuations.  If no device is connected, the plug sockets internal transformer shuts down and power is not supplied to the USB ports at all.


USB faceplate cropped orig front 1 USB faceplate cropped orig rear



These sockets are a clever solution to the far too frequent problem of running out of space for your chargers or having to unplug other essential gadgets and tech to free up space.  They are a cost effective option that are easily incorporated into your school or office. I even have a few strategically placed throughout my home which have made a huge difference and dispensed with the knotty mess of cables and extension leads i had previously relied on.

With the rumored release of USB Type C on its way you will need to consider using these types of sockets with an adapter if any of your really new devices take advantage of the USB Type C connection or you will need  hang on and wait for the manufacturers to make suitable sockets. This isn’t going be a problem with all of the existing USB devices your running and it will take quite some time before the majority of your devices use this new connection. Though the beauty of this solution is that you will be able to easily and cheaply swap your socket face plates again when the time comes to upgrade without making any major changes to your electrical infrastructure.


This is how the USB Type-C connector is expected to look when it launches later this year.
It has been designed for use with thinner, sleeker devices, such as tablets and ultra books, and solves the annoying problem of inserting drives the wrong way up. Users of older devices will need an adapter to use the new Type-C plugs.

If your interested in incorporating some of these USB/Power sockets into you infrastructure then why not contact the installation team at Cablers for some advice and pricing.

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Promethean ActivPanel Touch.

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ActivPanel Touch from Promethean


activpanel masterpiece

ActivPanel Touch unites multi-touch interactivity, vibrant images, a classroom-tough design and Promethean’s award-winning software in an interactive flat-panel display that is optimized for the classroom

ActivPanel Touch at a glance:

  • Smooth, precise interactivity whether writing or using multi-touch gestures makes active participation a seamless part of every lesson.
  • Superior image quality, flexibility and durable construction ensure years of captivating learning experiences.


Why ActivPanel Touch?

Excellent visibility in any room, at any angle
Keeping all learners engaged is the hallmark of ActivPanel Touch. Crystal-clear visibility in virtually any lighting conditions and a wide viewing angle make every seat in the house a great one. Whether you’re in a classroom flooded with warm sunshine or one with no natural lighting, every student will be well placed to actively learn.

Precise interaction for any task
Exceptionally smooth and responsive interactivity is the norm whether you are writing, pinching, zooming or swiping the edge of the ActivPanel Touch screen. Using a stylus or finger, ActivPanel Touch offers a natural, precise handwriting experience. Our multi-touch functionality brings Windows 7 and Windows 8’s tools to life at the swipe of your students’ fingertips.

Reduce the technology learning curve
ActivPanel Touch is simple and intuitive for both learners and teachers. Using technology to accomplish your long list of learning objectives has never been easier.

Enjoy a long life of worry-free use Promethean’s interactive flat panel is designed to meet the unique needs and demands of any classroom. Its long-lasting LED interactive touch screen, durable construction and comprehensive warranty ensure a long life of reliable service.

Make the most of your existing technology tools While ActivPanel Touch works seamlessly with all Promethean solutions, it’s also flexible enough to complement most educational technologies.


Call our education team for some advice and the latest pricing.

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This amazing package also includes a free delivery and ActivInspire 1.8.


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